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Wedding Tips

Wedding Themes – What’s Yours?

Jul 19, 2008

This next month I’m going to be focusing on wedding themes and how to incorporate themed ideas into your wedding. We already have a list of some popular wedding themes in our article section on our website if you’d like to get some great ideas – and I will be expanding this section over the course of the month.

I’d like to know, what are your favorite themes? If you are using a theme, what theme are you using for your wedding? If you have a theme idea, but need some help gathering ideas, let me know that as well. I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas!

Have a great weekend!

Love Birds Wedding Theme Ideas

Jul 18, 2008


Birds are a long time symbol of love, hope and inspiration.  Birds are “in style” for the moment – everything from blog designs, to invitations and textiles to wedding items.  Birds have always been a symbol for newlyweds too – especially when they move into their first place or “their nest”.  So whether your simply mad about birds or just madly in love, a bird theme is great for your wedding or bridal shower.

Let’s take a look at the items above, to start, we have eco-friendly love bird invitations from Paper Shouts.  For place card holders why not try our mini bird nests which can double as place card holders and candy holders.  Use chocolates, or even light blue or light green jordan almonds to fill them to make them look like eggs.

For your cake topper or even as centerpieces, why not look at our contemporary love birds? This timeless white porcelain topper will be classic and beautiful even for your 25th anniversary!  The blue and red cake design shown here is courtesy of The Sugar Syndicate Chicago, check them out for some cool ideas!  Or if you’d perfer the beautiful turquoise love birds cake top, or the birds nest cupcakes shown next to the cake, they come from The Pink Cake Box

For your wedding favors, why not try personalized monogrammed love bird mint tins which come in 9 different color choices and 4 different types of fillable candy?  Or you could also try our personalized love bird candle wedding favors (shown in blue, also available in cream or green).  For your bridal shower, you could also give out our love bird guest soaps in bird’s nests.

And for a finishing touch to your reception or shower, why not try our birdcage card holder ?

For more great bird theme reception decorating ideas, check out our article: Creating A Love Bird Wedding Theme

Your Wedding Bands & Engraving Options

May 1, 2008

When Chris & I got married, I was looking for a unique, yet classic and modern ring at the same time.  Sounds a bit confusing right – how can something be classic and modern at the same time, yet still be unique?  Since I’m not a flashy person and my hands are quite small, the diamond had to be small and the setting had to be clean.  We decided upon a tension setting from Gelin Abaci – take a look:


Simple and clean with a classic round stone, in a modern and unique tension setting.  Now, 5 years later (our anniversary is in August) I still love this ring for its elegance and design.  But the one thing we didn’t do – is engrave our rings – thinking back I should have had our rings engraved, maybe we’ll do that for this anniversary.  If you are thinking of getting your engagement ring or wedding bands engraved, I developed a wedding band engraving tips list for those of you who may be considering the same.

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2008

Mar 4, 2008

We’ve written a number of articles which can be found both on our website and on which go into great depth on the following trends.  However, if you’re just looking for a short synopsis of what’s currently hot, here it is:

1) Color saturates your wedding.  Designers pushed yellow on the runways last year for 2008, but we know all shades are blue are what’s really hot right now.  This is great for beach brides!

2) Duel colored weddings.  Accent your primary wedding color with an accent color. Or plan an outrageous color scheme such as Pink/orange, icy blue/red, slate/lime, etc… it makes for a fun wedding.

3) Letterpress invitations are like miniature works of art.  Quite costly but well worth the investment if your looking to “wow” your guests.

4) Creating a signature scent for your wedding.  We know that a scent can provoke long term memories.  Create a scent for your wedding by using flowers, candles and scent machines to create a signature scent for your ceremony and reception.

5) Music and entertainment – latin bands, ethnic bands, dancers, tribute bands, and impersonators are fun additions to your wedding, will entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression

6) Increased guest list size – big weddings are hot, hot hot!  The more the merrier!

7) Eco-friendly weddings.  Enviornmentally friendly weddings are quite popular.  Organic food and items which can be recycled and reused are what’s in style.

8) Personalization or Monogramming – everything and anything.  If you can personalize it – do it.

9) Jack and Jill Showers – the guys can enjoy a co-ed bash with gifts exculsively for him (think grilling or tools)

10) Wedding favors which are: practical, personalized, unique, eco-friendly or candles.  All are hot in the wedding favor industry.

Kate Aspen Reports on 2008 Wedding Trends

Mar 3, 2008

In case you haven’t read Kate Aspen’s report on 2008 wedding trends, here’s what you need to know.  They sampled a selection of their visitors and brides-to-be and discovered the following trends from real brides getting married soon:

1) Size of the Wedding Party – has increased, many brides are reporting inviting 100 to 150 guests, and another 36% of the brides surveyed said their will be more than 150 people attending their wedding.  So the bigger the party, the better!

2) Favorite Favors – They asked brides to view 6 wedding favor categories, and the favorite category was candle wedding favors

3) Primary Wedding Color – Blue won hands down with the most popular shades being, baby blue, peacock blue, Cinderella blue, Tiffany blue, aqua blue, navy blue and teal. You can find all of our blue wedding favors in one place!

4) Secondary Color (Accent) – White is the winner followed closely by black, chocolate, silver and green.  Also there is a growing trend for orange and yellows.

5) The Perfect Wedding Favors – Kate recommends for “growing something new” try the Daisy Love Grows Plantable Wildflower wedding favors, for something “elegant and sophisticated” try Kate’s Timeless Traditions Elegant Black & White Glass Photo Coasters or “Hugs & Kisses from Mr. & Mrs!” Soaps and finally if you want to give something totally unique to your guests try Kate Aspen’s “A Slice of Love” Pizza Cutter in Mini Pizza Box

Of course you can view the complete line of Kate Aspen Wedding Favors on our site too!

Wedding Tipping Guide

Feb 28, 2008

If you’re planning a wedding, a portion of your budget should be set aside for vendor gratuties.  Here’s a short breakdown on who, how much, and when to tip.

Rehearsal Dinner – 20 percent of the total bill

Hairstylist / Make Up Artist / Nail Technician – It is customary to tip 15 to 20 percent of the total cost

Musicians for the Ceremony – Standard tipping is $20 to $25 dollars per musician and is expected at the end of the ceremony. The father of the bride or the best man presents the envelope to the musicians.

Officiant for the Ceremony – Customary of $100 and up, or make a donation to the church or synagogue in which you are getting married.  Father of the bride or best man hands over the tip.

Delivery Drivers / Set Up Staff – It is customary to tip $5 to $25 dollars per person depending on the set up.

Reception Staff – normally is eighteen to twenty percent of the final reception bill which is usually pre-paid in the contract.

Reception Hall Maitre d’ – $40 dollars or more depending on number of guests or total cost of bill.

Reception Musicians or DJs – Customary to tip 5 to 20 percent of the total cost.(Bands with 5 people, 5% per musician.  DJ’s up to 20%)

Reception Bartenders – In addition to the amount specified in the contract, 10% of the total bar bill should be tipped to the bartenders

Powder Room / Coat Check / Parking Attendants – Should receive .50 cents to $1 per guest attending

Transportation – It is customary to tip 20% of the total cost

Finally, the following vendors do not typically receive gratuities but you may certainly add them to the list if their service is outstanding: photographer, videographer, caterer, baker, jeweler, wedding consultant, seamstress, and florist. 

Personalize Your Wedding Favors for Free!

Jan 31, 2008

Monogramming & personalizing every aspect of your wedding is a hot trend right now.  You’ll find that personalizing many wedding items results in an up-charge or a personalizing fee.  However, many of our wedding favors can be personalized at no additional cost.

Check out our personalized wedding favors section for example.  Almost all items in this section include personalization in the cost of the item.  The only exception to this is selected personalized glassware contains a set up fee for $38.00 per order.  This is a screen printing set up fee – since the printer of this item has to make a new screen for each order, this charge can not be waived.

However, did you know we also offer select Kate Aspen wedding favors with FREE personalized tags?  That’s right check out our section: free personalized tag wedding favors - On orders of 24 or more pieces of any of the items listed on that page, and receive FREE personalized tags.  Normally, the personalized tags are .35 cents, so if you order 100 favors from this category you are saving 35.00!!

Designing Your Dream Wedding Like A Designer

Jan 22, 2008

Here I go again, making wedding suugestions based on my obsession with HGTV :P  If you want to create your dream wedding, but are not sure how to convey your message to your vendors, I have a solution for you: design boards!

If you do not watch HGTV, and you have no idea what a design board is let me show you:

example of design  board

In a nutshell, you take elements you see and love (from magazines, fabric swatches, etc) and place them on a board.  You can do this for your wedding dress (finally something to do with all those magazine clippings), your flowers and even for the decor for your ceremony and reception location.

Now, make a board for each vendor, and bring it with you so that you can show them exactly what you are looking for.  This way there is no miscommunication and your vendors know exactly what you envision for your wedding. 

Sounds easy?  Well it is!  All you will need is to find things you love, a piece of foam or poster board and some glue sticks.  Happy designing! :)

DIY Wedding Place Cards / Escort Cards

Jan 10, 2008

Chances are if your having a wedding, proper etiquette dictates assigned seating.  Whether you choose just to assign tables or to be more formal and assign actual seating, is up to you, but whatever the case may be – you will need place cards and/or escort cards. 

What’s the difference you may ask?  Well, its simple.  Escort cards (which the proper name, although they are mistakenly referred to as place cards) are commonly found at a table near the entrance of your reception location.  They tell guests what table to sit at.  Place cards are exactly that – they are found at each place setting and tell guests where at the table to sit. However, you can use a place card holder or frame to hold your escort cards or your place cards. 

Place card frames and place card holders are a wedding necessity – guests want to know where to sit.  Imagine you were running 10 minutes late for a reception, and when you and your guest walked into the reception, all the seats were taken and you couldn’t sit next to each other!  How would you feel?

Now you need not spend a fortune on place cards.  Many place card frames and place card holders come with place cards included. But if they don’t or if you don’t want to handwrite out each place card / escort card – we have a quick and inexpensive solution for you!

First measure your inner frame size to see what size card you will need.  If you are using a place card holder you can have varying sizes, but the most common is 2″ x 3″.  If you have word processing software simply create a template with your size cards.  Within this template you can either type each guest’s name and table number in each box or type out two lines, one for the name and one line below for the table number – so you can handwrite the cards out later.  You can even get fancy and add a graphic or change the color of the text to match your wedding colors.

Once your place cards are finished on the computer, you can print them up.  If you are using place card frames, you can print on plain paper (no one will notice the difference through the glass) or you can even purchase cardstock for an added touch.  If you are using place card holders, I would suggest purchasing heavier cardstock or even pre-perforated business cards (purchased from your local stationary/office supply store) so they will “stand up” in the holders.

And if your not the do-it-yourself type, check out our selection of pre-made escort / place cards

Wedding, Anniversary & Baby’s Birth Greetings from the White House

Jan 7, 2008

Did you know that the White House issues greetings for weddings, 50th (or greater) wedding anniversaries or the birth of your new child? (I wish I knew this before, I would have requested one for our wedding and our son’s birth!)

It does take time for the White House to process all requests.  They ask that wedding and birth greetings are requested after the event, but not longer than 12 months after it.  Anniversary greetings should be applied for 6 weeks before the actual anniversary.

To request a wedding greeting:

To request a Baby’s Birth greeting:

To request a wedding anniversary greeting: