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Unique Wedding Ideas

White House Well Wishes

Jun 6, 2009


President Obama may be too busy traveling the world and fixing our economy to dance at your wedding like they did at the Inaugural Ball, but if you invite the Obamas to your wedding they’ll send you a congratulatory note.  Which I think is a pretty darn cool keepsake for your wedding day!

Send your invite to:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama, The White House Greetingss Office, Room 39, 1600 Pennsylavania Avenue, Washington DC 20500

Or you can fax it to: 202-395-1232

Kentucky Derby Weddings & Parties

May 2, 2009

A Southern tradition, the Kentucky derby is a wonderful celebration which usually starts two weeks before the actual Derby.  The community surrounding Louisville celebrates with steamboat races, fireworks, and private parties.

If you’ve ever watched the race, you’ll know the press focuses on the wealthy and glamorous in their silks, linens and dramatic hats.  It is just as much about the style as it is about the horses.  For women, it’s all about red carpet glamour and traditional elegance.  The hat is a Derby must with a dress which compliments the hat.  Accessories such as pearls, gloves and sunglasses  compliment the look.  For men, the most important component is that they compliment their dates.  The quintessential Derby look for men is  a seersucker suit, fedora, and comfortable loafers but you will often see men solid colored suits, patterned ties and occassionally tuxedos.   However, her beauty comes first and it is his duty to compliment her beauty!

For wedding favors, party favors and accessories which compliment a Kentucky Derby theme these will go dashingly well with your day:

Dating back to the eighteenth century, the mint julep has a rich historical background which began in the Southern part of the United States. Since 1936, the Mint Julep has also been considered the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby.

Treat your guests to a bit of time-honored southern hospitality and enhance your décor with a mint julep cup wedding favors as delightfully southern as a rainy night in Georgia. This versatile cup can hold a tea light, small flowers or candy like Jordan almonds or jelly beans.

For a traditional or Southern style wedding favor, select these silver plated Mint Julep cups. Measuring 3″H x 2-5/8″W each tapers downward with intricate detailing on the rim and bottom of the cup. Serve them during your cocktail or reception in the traditional sense or use them to hold candy at each place setting.

The horseshoe is one of the world’s most relied upon symbols of luck. So give your guests some “good fortune to go” with these dazzling horseshoe key chain favors. Perfect for Kentucky Derby parties,

“lucky” events and almost any occasion where Lady Luck is on the guest list, each has a metal key ring and chain attached to a resin pewter colored horseshoe charm lined with alternating rhinestones embedded at its center.

Customers seeking a Western-style wedding, or those looking for a little luck on their wedding day will adore this unique alternative to the ring bearer pillow. The genuine pewter horseshoe hangs from a pretty white satin handle and is engraved with the words “Lucky in Love.” Heart-shaped holes line the horseshoe for a decorative touch and white satin streamers are included for tying the rings. 5 1/2″x6″.

A silver-tone lucky horseshoe pen set is supported by a Lucite base.  This is a great guest book pen for western weddings and Kentucky Derby parties.  It also makes a handsome desk pen set.

Recycled Wedding Rings!

Sep 11, 2008

The Wall Street Journal article, “Wedding Rings: ‘Something Old’ Becomes Something New” reports that brides are fulfilling the “Something old” bridal adage by transforming old jewelry from family and friends and sending it to eco-friendly jewelor greenKarat to turn into brand new wedding rings.

Matthew White, greenKarat Presidents, feels “Recycling those pieces for a betrothed couple is romantic, eco-friendly, and financially savvy.”

Eco-friendly weddings are all the rage right now, and greenKarat’s services provide couples with not only a great story about their wedding rings, but an environmentally friendly alternative. Make your wedding even more green with Personalized Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors.

Top 5 Winter Wedding Destinations

Sep 9, 2008

Hey winter brides, who says everyone has to get married in the summer? Winter weddings are a unique take on the traditional wedding – there’s typically a better chance you’ll be able to choose the exact date you want without having to compete with 20 other brides for the same reception area. Here’s some great winter wedding destinations for brides who enjoy both cold and warm winter weddings.

Vermont – Vermont is absolutely beautiful in the winter. Imagine snowy pine trees, romantic white lights, and gently falling snow. This isn’t just a postcard image – this is really Vermont. Check out

Hawaii – Hawaii weddings are quite different from the snowy Vermont winter weddings. For warm-weather brides, Hawaii weddings offer tons of sun, relaxation, and oh – those beautiful beaches! has tons of wedding ideas to make Hawaii wedding planning easier.

Colorado – If you’re on the West Coast, a Colorado wedding may be easier for you and your guests over an East Coast Vermont wedding. There are tons of beautiful ski resorts (Aspen! Breckenridge!) that would be ideal for a winter wedding. Colorado weddings are typically relaxed and make for a great time. Just like Vermont, expect beautiful snowy scenes, plus tons of fresh powder. Take a look at Colorado Weddings Ideas.

Arizona – Think Arizona is just desert? Think again. This pretty state offers palm trees and botanical gardens. There are tons of rolling green golf courses, spas, first class results, and beautiful flowers. is great resource for planning your AZ Wedding.

Puerto Rico – Want a wedding that’s really tropical in the middle of the winter? Then Puerto Rico is where you need to be. Gently swaying palm trees and beautiful warm breezes are just a few of the great features Puerto Rico offers. has Puerto Rico wedding resources, ideas, and custom packages to make your wedding dreams a reality.

When you’re planning your winter wedding destination, it’s often easier to buy your winter wedding favors online, and have them shipped directly to the reception site (coordinate with the reception site’s wedding planner), or simply pack them up and take them with you. has absolutely adorable Winter Wedding Favors for those cold weather destinations, and sunny Beach Wedding Favors for those warm destinations in the middle of winter.

Unique Winter Destination Weddings – Ice Hotels & Igloos

Jul 17, 2008

Ice Hotel Sweden

Above Photo Courtesy of IceHotel, Sweden

I had a destination wedding, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering it.  Not only does it provide you with an exotic location for your memories, but it also provides your guests with possibly a trip of a lifetime.  I have been exploring online Finnish culture recently, and I came accross a few hotels in the Finland / Sweden area which were quite unique – Ice Hotels!  So if your considering a winter destination wedding or are considering a diamond/ice/crystal wedding theme and are adventerous here are some ideas, inspirations and Ice hotels and Igloo Hotels for your viewing pleasure:

ice hotel chapel sweden

Above Photo Courtesy of IceHotel, Sweden

ice hotel canada

Above Photo Courtesy Of Accueil, Hôtel de Glace, Canada

ice hotel chapel finland

Above Photo Courtesy of Hotel & Igloo Village, Lapland, Finland

 ice hotel alaska

Above Photo Courtesy of Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska, USA

I think all of these locations are beautiful and a most unique location for your destination wedding.  The plus side is that many of these hotels are located near the Northern Lights, so you may be able to see a beautiful natural occurance on your wedding day.  I’m not too sure about sleeping in them though, because many of the inside temperatures are -5C below!  The ice hotels are normally in service from November through April, Ice Hotel Sweden creates a new hotel of ice every year as it melts into the river during the summer months. 

And as always, if you are having a winter wedding, you should also consider winter wedding favors to compliment it!

Geek / Computer / Tech Inspired Wedding Favors

Jul 14, 2008

Perhaps you met while blogging. Or maybe you met on a dating site.  Myspace romance?  Or was it office love at first sight?  Commputer programmer, computer technician, website developer, SEO expert, social media gruru?  If any of these apply to you or your mate, did you know that there are a variety of tech inspired wedding favors just perfect for you?

byte.jpgIf you fell “In Love At First Byte” perhaps these unique computer keyboard inspired LOVE magent wedding favors are waiting for you. There are 5 magnets in each box, one of each of the following letters: L, O, V, E while the fifth magnet is an “Enter” key.  These are perfect for those who met over the computer or even for an office romance.  These have a minimum order of 36, and personalization is included with the price.

dusters.jpgOr Maybe you both are computer technicians; you know how important it is to keep your computer dust free!  These whimiscial bride and groom keyboard dusters may be right up your monitors (lol) as your wedding favors.  Each features retractable “hair” which when extended, serves as a computer duster.  Sold in sets of 12, each is just under $3 when you order 72 or more.

mouse.jpgAnd finally, we know it, the moment you saw each other, you just “clicked” – your mouse that is.  Why not share your tech savy-ness with all of your guests with our “We Clicked!” Round Mouse Pad Wedding Favors.  These make great napkin rings too for your reception.  These are very unique – and in this day and age – who doesn’t have a computer – everyone can use these fun wedding favors!

Unique & Modern Beach Wedding Favors

Apr 22, 2008

How “Hot” will your wedding be?  If you are having a beach themed wedding or a summer wedding and are looking for something modern, unique and personalized – I would suggest checking out our brand new Personalized Hot Wedding Sunscreen Wedding Favors.  Available in 21 different designs and 27 different color schemes – one is sure to match your wedding colors and theme!




Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Wands

Jan 6, 2008

I love handmade, unique items – and I especially love to tinker with do-it-yourself projects.  If I see something I like on designer shows, I usually try to duplicate it myself.  I stumbled upon a unique and highly customizable do-it-yourself wedding idea from Brides UK magazine – how to create your own wedding wands!

Wedding wands can be used in lieu of bubbles, rose petals, rice or confetti tossing at the ceremony.  They also can be used by guests to welcome the new “Mr & Mrs.” at the reception.  They are a fun alternative to throwing things at the couple (which I was never really a fan of – what bride wants rice in their dress?).

To make your own wedding wands, go to your local hardware store and purchase dowels (round wooden spindles).  You may need to enlist the help of a friend, father or your fiance to help cut the dowels to the perfect size and use a bit of sandpaper to smooth off the cut edges.  Paint each piece in your wedding colors and attach ribbon and/or accessories to the top of each dowel with a hot glue gun.

And if you want to get really fancy, we suggest purchasing personalized ribbon to attach to your wands: 3/8″ wide personalized double faced satin ribbon – continuous printed roll

Handmade Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands, photo courtesy of Brides UK, January/February 2008, Page 94


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, Times Square Wedding

Dec 19, 2007

Jennifer Cannon and Doy Nichols of Lexington, Ky., plan to get married today in a public restroom in Times Square NYC.  The wedding ceremony will take place at the temporary, free public Charmin Public restrooms, which are installed each year in Times Square for the New Year’s festivities. 

The bride will wear a wedding gown fashioned from glue, tape and Charmin Ultra Soft bathroom tissue.  The highly detailed wedding gown was designed by Hannah Kim, winner of the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest, sponsored by .  Each year, they hold a contest for the best toilet paper wedding gown, with the winner receiving a 500.00 prize.

Now, how’s that for an eco-friendly and highly economical wedding gown?  Would any readers actually consider a dress like this for their own wedding?