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Top 10 Beach Wedding Favors for 2009

May 20, 2009

I blogged yesterday about the top selling wedding favors for 2009, so with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the official kick off to the summer here, it is a great time to discuss beach wedding favors!  Whether you are a beach bride or having a summer wedding here are the Top 10 beach themed wedding favors selected by our customer’s based on popularity and sales.

Mini Buri Fans - Eco-friendly Favors

Mini Buri Fans – Eco-friendly Favors

1. Buri Wedding Fans – they made it to the Top 10 list yesterday and they are #1 on our top beach wedding favors as well.  A bestseller for beach and summer weddings – you can keep your guests cool as well as providing them with their seating assignments.  Shown here as a DIY project with craft paper, reinforcements and colored favor ribbon.  Since these are currently out of stock until 7/30/09, why not try the larger version of these fans – Large Buri Wedding Fans

Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors in Glass Top White Box

Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors in Glass Top White Box

2. Sandalwood Fans in Glass Top White Boxes – A best seller since last year, our sandalwood fans are affordable and make unique favors.  Personalize them as shown with our Modern Square Favor Labels

Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

3. Starfish Design Wine Stopper – Great for beach themed weddings, events and parties these chrome, resin and rhinestone accented bottle stoppers are as pretty as they are functional.  They come pre-packed in a black box tied with organza ribbon.  One of our best sellers for the past two beach wedding seasons.

Beach Theme Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

Beach Theme Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

4. Beach Themed Luggage Tags – What says beach more than summer vactions, sand and shells?  These beach themed luggage tags are perfect gender neutral wedding favors which are great for beach weddings here or abroad!

Flip-Flop Luggage Tag Wedding Favors in Beach Themed Box

Flip-Flop Luggage Tag Wedding Favors in Beach Themed Box

5. Flip Flop Luggage Tags in Beach Themed Box – In the world of look-alike luggage any distinctive or brightly colored mark can help identify your luggage.  These uniquly designed flip flop luggage tags will help your guests easily travel in style.  With a cute beach themed box and “For You” beach bucket thank you tag, these beach wedding favors can’t be beat.

"Our Love Shell Last Forever" Personalized Seashells

“Our Love Shell Last Forever” Personalized Seashells

6. “Our Love Shell Last Forever” Personalized Sea Shells – if you would like to give your guests a truly memorable keepsake favor then these personalized seashells will be perfect for your beach wedding.  Each comes with the standard engraving “Our Love Shell Last Forever” and is then engraved with up to 2 lines of your text.  Since these are all natural, they are eco-friendly too!

7. Palm Tree Favor Boxes – Edible favors are a trend in weddings, so why not have a cute and themed box to display your wedding favor treats in?  These charming little pryamid shaped boxed have neat little palm leaves which top off these irresistible boxes.  Great for beach and destination weddings.

Starfish Bookmark Beach Wedding Favors

Starfish Bookmark Beach Wedding Favors

8. Starfish Bookmarks – What’s a day at the beach, or a seaside vacation without a good book to curl up with?  They will remember your wedding each time they use these shore inspired place markers.  Although these are out of stock until 6/30, we do have two other similar starfish bookmarks to recommend: our Modern Starfish Bookmark and the slightly darker colored Starfish Design Bookmark

"Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame

“Beach Memories” Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame

9. Beach Memories Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame – While the concept is great and these are our bestsellers, they hold a VERY small place card or photo.  The opening is only 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ (who’s wedding photo is that small?) They are designed well, but look at their name – Miniature Adirondack Chairs!!  (They don’t call them miniature for no reason). If you are looking for the same item which is bigger, heavier and will really “wow” your guests try our Adirondack Chair Frames (which holds a 2″ x 3″ photo – standard size wallet photo) – I guarantee you will like them!  They are slighly more expensive (about .15 cents difference) but they are well worth it.

Starfish Wine Stopper

Starfish Wine Stopper

10. Chrome Starfish Wine Stopper- prettily packaged and made of solid chrome this handsome wine stopper is gender neutral and will serve everyone on your guest list well.  Here is an alternate view:

Starfish Wine Stopper Wedding Favors

Starfish Wine Stopper Wedding Favors


Top 10 Wedding Favors For 2009

May 19, 2009

I’ve been looking through our sales and for the past 6 months (December until today), these are our top 10 bestselling wedding favors based on our customer’s purchases.  Granted these items can always change, and if they do, they will change based on our customer’s behavior and buying patterns.  This is a great place to start for wedding favor ideas, to get inspiration for your wedding favors or just to see what other brides are buying!

Here’s our Top 10 Bestselling Wedding Favors for 2009:

Miniature Silver Galvanized Pails / Buckets

Miniature Silver Galvanized Pails / Buckets

1. Miniature Silver Galvanized Buckets – Our Miniature silver pails have always been a bestseller.  Great for the do-it-yourself crowd, there is just so many uses for these little miniature wonders.  Add ribbon and felt flowers, insert  lollipops and Volia! A miniature flower garden.  Are you a DIY type?  Pour soy wax into these little bad boys and make your own homemade candle favors.  Like candy?  Fill these little buckets with your favorite sweets.  For a bridal shower idea – just add bath salts or mini bath balls/gems.  For the eco-friendly crowd, why not add some potting soil and plant our Personalized Plantable Magic Beans in them?

Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper With Free Personalized Tags

Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper With Free Personalized Tags

2. Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper  – Classic and timeless, this is a traditional and favorite wedding favor among our brides.  Since it is already pre-packaged in a formal style black bottomed box and tied with sheer white organza ribbon – there is no stress over how to wrap or display these pretty little things! Simply place them on your tables and you are good to go! PLUS – these come with free (yes, that’s FREE) personalized tags.  The only drawback with these tags is you will have to attach them to the favors yourself.

Personalized Theme Candy Jars - Available in 27 Designs & Colors

Personalized Theme Candy Jars – Available in 27 Designs & Colors

3. Personalized Themed Candy Jars – Available in 27 themes and colors these are perfect for every ocassion from bridal showers to weddings and even baby showers!  Great for the do-it-yourself crowd, you can do so much with these little jars.  Simply fill with your favorite candy (this is deceiving, because these jars hold ALOT more than the picture appears).  We can fit 22-26 jordan almonds in ONE little jar.  Select your design, pick your color scheme, fill with candy and add ribbon for a cute touch.  Here’s our tip: Place the label on the jars after they are filled and tightly sealed!

Personalized Round Shot Glass & Votive Holder

Personalized Round Shot Glass & Votive Holder

4. Our Personalized Round Shot Glass and Votive Holders - popular for years, these round shot glasses hold approximately 2.5 ounces (filled to the tippy-top) and are perfect as votive or tealight candle holders.  Available in over 50 designs and several ink colors these make perfect personalized favors.

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frame

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frame

5. Beautifully Beaded Place Card and Photo Frame – Seen in the Movie 27 Dresses and featured in many bridal magazines this classic and traditional silver place card frame is a timeless and elegant wedding favor.  It has a sturdy velveteen back, a glass insert, it comes with a blank place card and has a beautiful silver metal frame.  The frames can also be positioned horizontally or vertically.  This is very well priced and a value for the money.  The frames are also available in gold: Gold Beautifully Beaded Place Card Frames

"Two of a Kind" Playing Cards - Label Can Be Personalized

“Two of a Kind” Playing Cards – Label Can Be Personalized

6. Two Of A Kind Personalized Playing Cards – Available personalized in 12 different label colors, these playing cards are functional favors everyone can keep in their homes and enjoy for years to come.  Just a quick note: selecting a different color label does not change the card color, only the label outside the box is changed.  Additionally, these cards are not personalized – only the box label is.

'Pink Polka Purse' Manicure Set Favors

‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set Favors

7. Pink Polka Dot Purse Manicure Sets – Great for bridal or baby showers these are our most popular chic favors.  Great for all the women in your life – who doesn’t need an adorable portable manicure set?  Each little pink purse contains all the essentials you need a tweezer, nail clipper, emery board, and small scissor.

Mini Buri Fans - Eco-friendly Favors

Mini Buri Fans – Eco-friendly Favors

8. Mini Buri Fans – a great eco-friendly favor option, as shown these double as place card holders or as wedding favors for beach and summer weddings.  Made out of all natural buri palm these are beautiful as they are earth friendly.  Shown here, we cut out tags from cardstock and attached reinforcements before attaching with ribbon.  And if your looking for a larger fan, we do carry large buri fans as well.

Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors

Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors

9. Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors - These inexpensive (Only 85 Cents!) favors are great for bridal showers, bachlorette parties, girls night out events, sweet 16 and more.  A very popular favor, these little plastic handbags open to reveal a double sided mirror.  How adorable!

10. Rose Ball Candle Wedding Favors – With Free personalized tags!  How easy and simple these little candles are – just place them on your tables and your all set!  No need to gift wrap these candles – they come prewrapped with white organza ribbon and a pre-attached thank you tag.  If you decide to order the FREE personalized tags – all you’ll need to do is attach them to the favors once they arrive.

We’re Having A Wedding Wand Sale!

May 14, 2009

Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands

Now through May 31, 2009 when you order your wedding wands you can save 15% off your order!  Better than birdseed, lasts longer than bubbles, and is pretty in pictures.  Here you can see the bride and groom leaving the ceremony location under a wave of ribbons.  Plus your guests will be able to take these home with them as a nifty reminder of your day!

They take 5 to 7 days to print (we offer a 2 day rush fee if you need them in a hurry), so order these in advance of your wedding.

Use Coupon Code: wands09 to save 15% off.

Wedding wands are also great for Graduations, Sweet 16 parties and other events when you want to throw your hands in the air and dance!  It’s a great celebration tool and so much fun!

Visit our Wedding Wands page for more info!

Happy Days!

Erica :)

Little Things Showroom Featured in NJ Home News Tribune

Apr 29, 2009

Little Things Favors

Little Things Favors

Our New Jersey Showroom opened in February 2009 and has been a success with brides to be.  In March 2009 The Home News Tribune visited us and described us in their April 28th, 2009 article as a “bride’s paradise”.  And we couldn’t agree more.  Every Saturday we are open to the public from 12 Noon to 6 Pm.  Our brides and couples receive top-notch personalized service.  Just this past weekend one bride to be lounged with us for over four hours chatting about her wedding, the customs of her country and her future husband.  Our relaxed, lounge-like atmoshphere allows brides to shop with comfort and ease.  We’ve been described by our brides as “a great place to hang out”!

Read the article here: Couple’s Sayreville wedding favors store is ‘a bride’s paradise’.

And here are some pictures of our showroom which is located at 137 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ 08872

Come visit us on Saturdays from 12 to 6 pm!

Our Spring Cherry Blossom Window Display

Our Spring Cherry Blossom Window Display

Our wall of wedding favors

Our wall of wedding favors

Over 30 of our most popular wedding collections, complete line of cake toppers, unity candles and more!

Over 30 of our most popular wedding collections, complete line of cake toppers, unity candles and more!

View from the entrance to our showroom

View from the entrance to our showroom

View from the rear of our showroom

View from the rear of our showroom

Our Office Addiction – Jordan Almonds

Feb 20, 2009

yhst-18249483873275_2041_1195300 Jordan Almonds have been for years (and I mean years!) the traditional wedding favor give-away to reception guests.  Traditionally, couples would give 5 Jordan almonds to symbolize five wishes for the newly married couple: health, wealth, fertility, longevity and happiness.  The almonds also signified the bitter-sweetness of married life (the almonds represent the bitterness, the sugar coating the sweetness).

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking – you’re probably thinking of those little tulle wrapped packs reminiscent of weddings from the 1980′s and you may even be thinking “eww” – but I would like you to think again about these little traditional pearls of sugared happiness.

We carry high quality imported Italian Jordan Almonds – which taste ten thousand times better (ok, maybe I’m a bit overly excited about these almonds) than the Jordan Almonds you (and I) have tasted from grocery, large chains and candy stores.  These Jordan Almonds are coated with not only sugar but with a hint of tapioca to give them a devine flavor.

I purchased 10 pounds from our candy supplier to keep on hand in our showroom (for our customers to sample) and my office staff has literally eaten through 3/4th of my stock in a matter of a week’s time (and there are only 5 of us!).  Kelsey, one of our customer service reps,  swore Jordan Almonds were “gross”  – until she actually sampled the stock – now I can’t keep her hands out of the candy dish!

So whether you are looking for an edible wedding favor, an eco-friendly wedding favor or even a traditional favor – try our Jordan Almonds.  If you’re in the area of Sayreville stop by our showroom and taste a sample – I guarantee you won’t be able to eat just one!

Hope to see you all on Saturday – Our Showroom hours are 12Pm to 6 Pm!



Bad Weather, Cold Season Sends a 1-2 Punch

Feb 12, 2009

The thing about working in Small Business is that we are able to offer our customers personalized one-on-one service – if you call or write to us, chances are you are going to get one of our five office employees.  This is great for us and great for you – because we can give you the individual attention to your orders and questions regarding our wedding favors and accessories.

However, when cold and flu season hits – it can also wreck havoc on offices – big or small!  3/4th of our staff (do the math, it leaves only me!) are under the weather.  For the past three days I’ve been the only one plugging away in our office from 9 am to 7 pm.  Hopefully, we’ll be back up and running at full capacity soon!  Unfortunately, though we’ve been busier than normal this week and I am doing my best to answer emails and return your calls as soon as possible.

Today, we’re having some rough weather here in New Jersey with heavy winds and wind guests – over 60 mph!  This has periodically knocked down our office electricity, internet connection and telephone lines.  So I do apologize if you haven’t been able to reach us today, the weather is just the icing on the cake this week – so to speak!

I am excited though, I just got in new eco-friendly all natural beeswax unity candles which are so pretty that I can’t wait to list them on the site!  I’m sure all of our eco-friendly brides will just adore these candles!

Happy Thursday everyone – the weekend is almost here!



Working Hard, News and Introductions

Feb 9, 2009

The thing about blogging I learned not too long ago is that people who read blogs, read them for a reason.  They like what the author says, or in the case of businesses, they like knowing about the “ins” of the business – the real life stuff.  The reality TV behind the ecommerce site, so to speak.  And I can’t blame them – I read blogs for the same reasons.  Sure you may check out our blog for news, specials and deals – but that’s not going to contribute to everyday readership.  And I do love everyday readers – I love receiving comments, suggestions and hearing your thoughts.  (Seriously, I do!)

The past several months I have not been blogging and for good reasons – we have littlerally been swamped with site work, site updates and trying to get our retail showroom up and running.

I created Little Things Favors from scratch nearly 6 years ago, it morphed into a business idea when I was recovering from appendix surgery and my own wedding to Chris was less than 3 months away.  I was browsing the web for wedding favors and accessories, trying to put together destination wedding “welcome” bags.  And I just couldn’t find everything I was looking for all in “one” place!  It was trying and frustrating.

Jump ahead 6 years, I own my own business, doing what I love to do – I still shop for weddings – but not my own – yours!  I check out new products, go to trade shows, talk to new companies – in the hopes of expanding our product lines to fit your wedding needs.

Over the past years our customers have consistantly asked us “Do you have a store?”  I pondered opening a storefront for several years, with the sheer volume of items on the site, it would be nearly impossible to keep inventory – unless I opened up a store the size of Wal-Mart.  (I’m not joking, we’re nearing 6,000 items on the site).  It is almost an impossible feat to accomplish.

However, customer feedback suggested to me that customers weren’t necessarily wanting to buy wedding favors from a store, but rather see the items up close and in person without having to buy a sample.  So this year, we decided to open a showroom – of our most popular products so that customers in the NY-NJ-PA (and maybe even CT) areas can come and visit us.  You’ll be able to place your order with us either in the showroom or through the website and have your order delivered directly to your home or ship to address.

But it has been a daunting task!  The showroom is nearly complete – almost all of our products are labeled – and we’re still getting in new stuff almost everyday.  The hardest part – getting a retail POS system to work with our ecommerce backend platform.  And we’re still trying to work out the kinks.  Plus we’re still waiting on permits from the municipality to come in.

I anticipate that we should be opened by month’s end, although the date keeps getting pushed back.  I am excited and can’t wait to open to meet all of my customers and all of the great people who have helped us open the showroom.

Also, I’d like everyone to welcome 2 of our new employees: Kelsey is our part-time sales and customer service associate and Ben who currently is part-time but will be moving to full-time during our busy season, he will be managing the front end operations for us.  So if you come in and visit us, be sure to say “Hi” to them.

It’s back to work for me, I have a ton of new products to upload to the site, phone calls to return and a training session with our retail software system.

Love & Kisses,


Holiday Closing Schedule

Dec 26, 2008

We will be closed from December 26, 2008 through January 4th, 2009.  We will be re-opening on Monday January 5th, 2009 at 11am.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, clients and our blog readers for making 2008 the most fantastic year we have ever had.  Look ahead to the New Year for many more exciting things to come including the opening of our retail store in Sayreville, NJ in mid-January 2009.

Have a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the upcoming New Year!

And if you haven’t checked it out, we added many new and adorable wedding favors for 2009 – check them out!!


The Little Things Favors Staff

Erica, Chris, Alecia and Kelsey

Steals, Deals and Coupons for November & December

Nov 4, 2008

Cyber Monday Deals:  Come visit us on December 1, 2008 for a special % off coupon!  Our biggest sale of the year!

Throughout the month of November and December:

Purchase 100 Personalized Napkins or 100 Monogram Napkins and get 50 Additional Napkins for FREE – just enter into the “Comments” section upon checkout “Holiday Napkin Special” – remember these napkins are not only for weddings, but for cocktail parties and holiday gatherings! (Ex. Order 100 napkins, receive 150. Order 200 napkins, receive 300, etc…)

Purchase 50 Yards of our 3/8″ Wide Personalized Double Faced Satin Favor Ribbon – Continuous Printed Roll, and get 15 Additional Yards FREE – just enter into the “Comments” section upon checkout “Holiday Ribbon Special” – remember these ribbons are not only for weddings, but also great embellishments to your holiday gift giving and scrapbooking! (Ex.  Order 50 yards, receive 65 yards.  Order 100 yards, receive 130 yards, etc…)

And don’t forget our coupon code: Save $20 off your order of $200 or more – use coupon code take20 upon checkout for all of your wedding favors and accessories.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our new winter wedding favors!

Stay tuned: our new showroom is almost ready!  Our grand opening of our wedding favor store in Sayreville, NJ is just around the corner!

Little Things 1/2 Day Closing: We Are Moving To New Offices

Oct 15, 2008

This is an exciting time for us, we are expanding our operations to include a showroom!  So many of our customers have called and asked to visit us – we heard you and listened!

On Friday October 17th we are closing at approximately 12 noon as we migrate over to our new offices.  Our office will also function as a showroom for many of our wedding favors and bridal products – including our new invitation lines. We hope that our customers in the NY/NJ/PA areas will come and visit us!

We will resume normal operations on Monday October 20, 2008  at 10 AM.  Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Our showroom is tentatively scheduled for Grand Opening on Novemeber 15, 2008 – we hope to see you there!  More details to follow soon.


Erica Tevis, Owner