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The Damask Wedding Theme – Classic Elegance

Mar 15, 2010

“Damask Traditions” Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder

“Damask Traditions” Frosted Glass Tea Light Holder

When we moved into our showroom in September 2008, one of the first things we did is hand stencil our office in a “Parisian” theme with Black Damask stencils on the top and a black and white stripe on the wainscoting on the lower half.  Not only is it one of my favorite classic patterns, I also knew that the Damask theme was soon to be popular among brides as well, and sure enough – Damask is making a huge rise in popularity in 2010.

As a matter of fact in the past 30 days on our site, it is in the Top 10 of all of our searches for the site!  Talk about a wedding trend!  Even the major favor manufacturers have agreed – they too have released this gorgeous pattern.

Damask wedding favors are classic and elegant in design and are historically known as a pattern

of royalty.  From Ancient times in the Byzantine and Islamic Middle Age cultures, extending to Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and France – Damask linens and patterns have dominated the upper classes of these cultures.

It wasn’t until the 1920′s that Damask linens became more common to the middle classes, after etiquette expert Emilie Post, stated that, “No other table covering, no matter how fine or elaborate, satisfies our inherent sense of faultless suitability.”   Since then, Damask patterns have covered the most elegant table settings across the ages and classes.

Damask Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm

Damask Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm

Today’s brides and designers that seek elegance and luxury, agree with history and Damask themed weddings and wedding favors are one of the hottest trends this year for modern brides.    Whether you offer your guests at your bridal shower something chic such as our popular Damask Monogram Lip Balms or you give your tables a pop of style with gorgeous candle favors – Damask design favors will bring radiant memories to your guests.

I’ve featured some of my favorite Damask favors in this post.  The Damask traditions candle holders are not only beautiful to look at but also gorgeously gift packed.  The Damask favor boxes are brand new to the market this month and are a unique way to present your edible favors.  And the Monogrammed Organic Lip Balm is a favorite of the entire office staff!  It is simply the best lip balm we’ve ever used and is much recommended by us as your bridal shower favors!

Have a wonderful week! Happy Mondays to you!

Erica :)

Announcing our Newest “Baby”! Little Things Baby

Feb 8, 2010

“Baby On Board” Expandable Pen in Car Seat Packaging

“Baby On Board” Expandable Pen in Car Seat Packaging

Oh Baby! There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby.  They look adorable, their coos are a heavenly sound to your ears, and they keep you up ’till all hours of the night – just like our newest “baby” of Little Things – our brand new website Little Things Baby – your complete source for baby shower favors, baby gifts, baby shower themes & ideas, even Baptism favorsfor your little one’s Christening.

We at Little Things Favors realized our baby shower favors section was getting a little bit large and a little bit overwhelming to navigate,  so with such a large product selection we knew we needed to expand to a new website dedicated to everything baby – and include all the “little things” you need for your baby shower.

And of course, first comes love – then comes marriage where you shop for all of your wedding favors and essentials at Little Things Favors – then comes Momma pushing a baby carriage – that’s where Little Things Baby comes in.  For all of your life events, choose the Little Things brand for your party favors and supplies.

Much health & happiness to you!


Happy 4th Of July! Celebrate with 15% Off All Weekend

Jul 3, 2009

Personalized Coffee Packs in 68 Designs!

Personalized Coffee Packs in 68 Designs!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! With the 4th of July upon us – we would like to take a moment to honor the men and women who bravely served our country and have lost their lives serving to protect us in the line of duty.  We offer our prayers to those families who have lost loved ones in the Armed Forces.  And for those who continue to serve – we salute you and thank you for continuing to protect our freedom and independence!

To celebrate this holiday we are offering our blog readers a special discount 15% OFF your wedding favors or wedding order of $175 or more PLUS Free UPS Ground Shipping. But Hurry!  This offer won’t last for long, your 15% OFF Discount expires on Sunday July 5th, 2009 at 11:59 PM.

Use discount code: July09 to save 15% off!

And remember!  Our New Jersey Showroom features over 2,000 of our most popular wedding favors, over 30 wedding accessory collections and wedding invitations.  Plus we carry tiaras, Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts.  If you are in the Tri-State area we are conveniently located just 30 minutes from New York City, 10 Minutes from Staten Island and centrally located in NJ.

Our showroom is located at 137 Main Street, Sayreville NJ 08872.  We are open to the public on Saturdays 12-6 and weekdays by appointment only. We are opened tomorrow, July 4th until 6 PM.
Finally, if you’re on Facebook – become a fan of our page!

Or, If you’re on Twitter, come follow us!
Even if you’re on myspace, we have a myspace page too!
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend,

Erica, Chris and Team Little Things

The Life of A Young Entrepreneur

Jul 2, 2009

It’s 9:30 at night and my cell phone is ringing, it’s my grandfather on the phone.  He asks me how things are, if I can take  tomorrow off to visit, and where I am.

“I’m still in the office editing products.  I can’t make it tomorrow, I have alot of work to do, but I’ll try to make it over on Saturday [the 4th of July] after we close up the store.”

I hang up the phone.  Ten minutes later my cell phone rings again, “Hey hunnie, what time are you leaving? It’s almost 10.”

That would be my husband who is battling with a severe head cold.  I’ve left him all day alone so I could tinker in the office.

This particular blog isn’t about wedding favors, but in a way, it is – it is my job, my career, my baby.  And what I am about to say isn’t necessarily about my business but it’s for any person who wants to be an Entrepreneur.

When I worked a full time 9-5 job, I looked forward to the end of the day.  I looked forward to the weekends and paid holidays.  I liked having sick time and personal time and all the goodies and benefits of working for someone.  But I also longed to be my own boss and create an environment which would allow me the flexibility to take my son to work with me or take the day off if I needed it.

However, being your own boss isn’t easy.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen a 40 hour work week since I quit my full time job back in 2003.  That’s right, no 40 hour work weeks – they are more like 80 or 120. There are no holidays, no sick time, no personal days off. I work almost 7 days a week. It’s been one of the hardest – but most rewarding – job I have ever worked.  Perhaps with the exception of being a mom, that’s hard work too.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I adore what I do, I adore weddings, wedding favors and I am in love with the concept of love.  But for all those young entrepreneur’s who think it’s easy starting a business, or running one – it’s not.  It’s a labor of love.

Just like a baby, you create it, nurture it, and hope it does well.  But you need alot more than a string of hope and a bit of luck to make a business a success.  You need the tenancity to plow on no matter what you face, the belief that you will be successful and some toothpicks to keep your eyes open during it all.  It’s exhausting, exhilarating and consuming. Do you have what it takes?

I wear many hats around Little Things.  How many jobs do I have?   Well that depends on the day:

1) Buyer – I travel to the trade shows, scour the web for new products, make contacts, and look for leads.  I decide on what to bring in, what to keep out and what lines we should carry.  I also decide which areas need expansion and which need to be condensed.

2) Webmaster – that’s correct, about 90% of the wedding favors and accessories you see on the site have been input by me, manually by hand.  That includes the product descriptions, price points, and all the other junk which needs to go into the backend for you to make a purchase.  I also design the categories, subdivide them and move products.

3) Copy editor & Writer – I write the copy, the articles, the section pages, the meat and potatoes  of the site – it’s what makes a site rank. I also write the blogs, outside articles, etc… I even have some articles being published in an upcoming wedding book.

4) Marketing & Advertising – whether it be SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, linking, purchasing advertising space – that’s me too.  I also design the graphics when I have to produce newsletters. You’ll find my twitter account managed by me.  Our facebook and myspace pages too are handled in house.

5) SEO & Analytics – falls into a category all by itself.  Any entrepreneur who is venturing on the web today should know some basic SEO.  Even if you’re going to outsource this, you should know what your seo company is doing for you.  I can’t tell you the countless numbers of hours I’ve poured into research.

6) Administrative work – the faxes, the bills, the payroll, the monthly sales tax.  There is always paperwork to be handled.

7) Sales – yes, you may ocassionally get me on the phone when you call.  This usually only happens when all my employees are occupied with other customers. Or if you venture into my store on a Saturday, you’ll see me there working, on the floor.

I wear many other hats including Human Resources, Mom, Hiring, training, developing, IT, software development, etc.  Yesterday I had to deal with open season for our health insurance for our employees while trying to deal with networking a laser printer, updating drivers and editing hang tag options on 638 products.

Being an entreprenuer requires you (unless you have a ton of capital behind you to hire department heads) to know a little bit of everything, and figure out all the right answers when you have little knowledge of the  subject.  It requires extensive hours, hands on training, learning and developing.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I really don’t mind working until 4 am (which I did last night) or putting in 18 hour days.  One day, I know we’ll be large enough to alleviate some of the workload.  But until then, I plow on.

In the essence of Independence, I’ve created mine.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your stories as well.  Happy 4th of July!  If you’re in the Sayreville NJ area be sure to swing by our store – 137 Main Street Sayreville, NJ 08872 (732) 654-5262.  Or visit us on the web at

:) Erica

New Fashioncraft Tag & Personalization Designs

Jun 30, 2009

Fashioncraft has updated there offerings on there personalized tags and personalized expressions items. Now all items have 234 designs, and 30 different color options.  As we make this transition over the course of the following week, you’ll have all these great choices to select from. There are designs for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, birthday parties, religious events and so much more!

Please bear in mind though, that all personalized tags are printed exactly as you request in the colors and designs shown.  Personalized tags are included in a separate envelope in your order and you must attach these by hand to your favors.

Napkins That Will Stand Up For You!

Jun 11, 2009

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

It’s A Napkin and it stands up!  It’s useful and is serves as pretty table decor.  And I couldn’t be more excited to show these unique wedding napkins off to you!  These are innovated little naps, folded just perfectly into a shape which stands up.

With chic, modern designs and made in the USA of recycled materials and printed with all natural soy based inks – this eco-friendly product is not only trendy but instyle as well!

Simply place one at each place setting for unique (and inexpensive) table decor.  Each napkin stands 6.5″ tall.

And we have designs for cocktail parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, wine themed events, holidays and more!

These napkins were the 2009 Winner of the NY National Stationary show for best new design and received the Top 10 New Product Award in Canada.

Love to entertain?  Having a Birthday Party?  We have themed napkins for you as well.  Whether you are celebrating a wedding or a 1st Birthday – these fun designs are sure to fit in with your decor and theme.

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Shown here are our Chic Cocktail and Wine Theme Napkins and our Bride & Groom Wedding Napkins which I was first drawn too.  The cocktail napkins remind me of something Sex and The City – very modern, hip and chic.  I was handed one of the bride and groom napkins as a “take home” sample” from the NY Stationary show last month and it has been propped up on my office desk.  She’s really pretty in her blue dress and is perfect for that “something blue” touch or as bridal shower decor.

And since these napkins are so eco-friendly – I just had to add them to our Little Things product line!  I’m a sucker for eco-chic products – I love all natural designs and earth friendly materials.

And I adore the fact that this product is made in the good ‘ol USA.  I love buying domestic and supporting our families and our economy here at home.

The office is a bit hectic today – so I bid you farewell until next time!

~ Erica :)

Blow Out Sale! Great Beach Wedding Favors

May 30, 2009

Just in time for the beach season! It’s not often we offer a huge blow-out sale on items, but this week we are featuring 8 beach wedding favors at GREAT prices!  The following favors were regularly priced $2.25 through $2.35 each – Now ONLY $1.00 Each! Buy these while we have them at this awesome price!

And only a minimum order of 12 pieces on any of the following favors: – all inventory has been sold!

Question Of The Day: Worst Wedding Favor Received

May 26, 2009

wedding matches We’ve all received them, wedding favors which make you scratch your head and go “huh’? Or “What was the bride thinking?”  I’m sure you’ve all received your share of matches (who smokes anymore?), cookie cutters (imagine a guy baking?), post it notes, band-aids, or maybe even the little tulle almonds.  Now, I’m not saying these things are bad as favors – some couples really like them – while I admit, some went out of style back in the 1980′s.

So I would like to know what was the worst wedding favor you received?

And to make it more fun, I’ll select the best (or maybe worst ;) ) story and you’ll get something free in the mail from me! (Could be anything, but it will definitely be wedding favor related).

I’m actually thinking of posting a question of the day, everyday, with a freebie giveaway.  Let me know if this is something which you would be interested in.

Great Destination Favors You Can Take In Your Luggage

May 23, 2009

We had a couple come into our Sayreville, NJ showroom on Thursday who were shopping for beach themed wedding favors for their destination wedding in South America.   They were looking for something memorable and wanted candles, but we advised her against it.  Candles  don’t travel well in the heat, and if the cargo area on a plane is hot, you’ll end up with melted candles.  Same holds true for chocolates.

If you’re traveling to a destination by plane you’ll want wedding favors which are relatively lightweight (due to weight restrictions on luggage now) easy to pack, and temperature proof.

Wedding Favors we would not recommend for destination weddings:

  • Candles (due to high heat, they can melt)
  • Chocolates, chocolate covered candy (again they can melt)
  • Oddly shaped and/or large  items which would be difficult to pack such as our tall candle lamps (they would take up too much room in your luggage)
  • Heavy items such as 4 pack glass coasters.  100 coaster sets (where there are 4 coasters per set and made of glass weigh approximately 80 pounds which is too heavy for airline luggage restrictions).
  • Lip balm, chap-stick, soaps and hand cream (again these items will melt in transit)

It’s best to use common sense when deciding on which wedding favors to buy for your destination wedding.  If you think there is a possibility they may melt, break or be too heavy – you’re instinct is probably right.

Here are some beach wedding favor ideas for your destination wedding:

1) Beach Themed Bookmarks – while all of the beach themed bookmark we carry are cute, I recommend “A Jewel From The Sea” Seashell Bookmark because the outside folder is pretty (its a metallic pearl shimmer in your choice of label color, but I am partial to the origina color scheme).  It’s lightweight, can easily be packed and the bookmarks themselves are lovely!  At about $2 each for a personalized wedding favor, these are sweet.  Here’s a picture of them:

2.  Beach Themed Keychains – lightweight and useful, everyone can use a keychain.  However, the boxes (although small, about 2″ x 3″) can take up a bit of luggage space if you’re carrying a whole bunch of them.  Inexpensive, these range from $1.75 to under $1, depending on design.  My favorite beach themed keychain is Choice Crystal Shell Keychains – they are really pretty and great quality plus the packaging is a pretty blue box which can’t be beat.   Here’s a picture of them:

3.  Beach Themed Coasters – Coasters are great because they are functional.  I don’t know what household wouldn’t be complete without coasters.  Men and women can use them, they are a universal favor.  Ultimately, our customers who were shopping this week in our store, chose coasters for their favors.  And here is my choice, because they are 2 to a pack (lightweight), they can hold 2 photos of the couple, and they are relatively flat to pack in luggage.  Here’s a hint to pack these, line your luggage with clothing, pack the coasters above the first layer of clothing, then pack the rest of your clothing on top.

4. Luggage Tag Wedding Favors – if you and your guests are traveling for your wedding it makes perfect sense to give them something they can use on their journey – which is a luggage tag.  While some tags are more “girly” such as our “Oh So Trendy” Pink Purse Luggage Tag or our “First Class Fashionista” Red Heel Luggage Tag, others are more practical for both them men and women on your guest list.  For quality and durability we’d suggest our Airplane Luggage Tags shown here:

5. Wedding Mints – cheap, personalized and useful (hey everyone needs a breath mint after dinner) these adorable and useful palm sized tins can be refilled after your wedding day.  They come in a variety of beach inspired designs, are easy to carry, are lightweight and won’t melt.  Some come in a variety of colors (like the one below comes in 5 different color choices), so these would make great favors.

Happy Saturday to  you!

Erica & Team Little Things

Top 10 New Beach Wedding Favors

May 21, 2009

We’re going back to the beach again! (Can’t you tell summer is on my mind?) Yesterday we visited our customer’s top ten favors and today we’re going to visit my top ten new beach wedding favors which were just released this season – perhaps it will give you some beach themed wedding favor ideas for your upcoming beach wedding.

(By the way, did you know I had a beach / destination wedding as well?)

1. Chrome Starfish Wine Bottle Stopper – I’m a big fan of wine stoppers because there isn’t a household out there that doesn’t have a bottle (these work with any bottle not just wine) that needs to be sealed.  Cork tends to break after a while – whereas chrome stays sturdy and strong.  I like the fact that these are reasonably priced and have chrome (not resin) tops – which make them more durable.  It comes pre-wrapped with attached beach themed tags, so there is no need to do any work! Btw, we have a huge selection of wine stopper wedding favors, so if this design doesn’t work for you check out the 100 + other stoppers we carry.

Chrome Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

Chrome Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

2. Shell Place Card Favor  Boxes With Designer Beach Place Cards – Brand, spanking new and just out of the box (get it? lol).  These favor boxes serve double duty – you can use them to hold sweet treats (candy, almonds, mini cookies, jelly beans) while at the same time the tops double as place card holders.  When your guests take them home they have a neat looking little wooden trinket box to display in their homes or to use as a jewelry box.  A really inventive idea.

Beach Theme Shell Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

Beach Theme Shell Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

3. “Please Be Seeded” Starfish Eco-Friendly Plantable Place Cards – Let’s face it – you need place cards.  People want to know where to sit.  If you don’t seat your guests, some people who don’t know your family will be left holding their plates looking for a spot to sit.  You don’t  want that and neither do we.  Here’s a beach themed wedding favor that is eco-friendly (the starfish can be planted), functional (it is used to assign your guests seats), pretty (hey, they are good lookin’), and relatively cheap ($1.10 to $1.60 each depending on quantity).  We have these available in different designs too, so hop over to our eco-friendly wedding favors page for more designs.

Please Be Seeded Starfish Plantable Seed Place Cards (Set of 12)

“Please Be Seeded” Starfish Plantable Seed Place Cards (Set of 12)

4. Natural Selections Shell Candle Wedding Favors – It’s like you just collected a jar full of beautiful shells from the beach and topped it off with a candle.  These candle holders are beautiful and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes with natural rattan ties.  Eco-friendly as glass is reuseable and renewable.   If I go to a wedding this beach season, I would want someone to give me this!

5. Palm Tree Water Globe Beach Wine Stoppers – Yes, I’m back to wine stoppers again, but with good reason -  this is the most unique stopper we carry.  Have you everr seen a water globe on top of a wine stopper?  It’s pretty cool.  Not to mention the packaging and display is dynamite.

6. Beach Theme Starfish Ice Cream Scoops – Nothing says summer more than the sand, the shore and ice cream!  Functional, fun and practical who can’t use an ice cream scoop in their kitchen?  Made of resin with a solid chrome scoop these will last for many seasons to come.

7. Elegant Crystal Flower & Starfish Candle – if you want a beach themed favor but don’t want to scream “beach” at your wedding – or if you want to give a gift a bit more upscale – these candles fit the bill.  Pretty flowers and starfish in crystal clear color (these are also available in pink or lavender, btw) will charm your guests.  Subdued but classy, these are elegant beach wedding favors.

8. “Ocean Breeze” Seashell Scented Soaps – Gorgeously gift boxed, these beach themed soap favors will look beautiful on your reception tables or as your bridal shower favors.  Very popular, these guest soaps smell as good as an ocean breeze!

9. Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors – Long days in the sun call for a refreshing summertime treat.  Share the sunny love with your guests with these delicious lemonade mixes – available personalized in 58 designs.

Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

10. Seaglass Luminary With Beaded Handle – These come as show in assorted beachy colors.  Whether you use them as table decorations or give them out as candle wedding favors, these are beautiful and well made lanterns.