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Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Candles – From Favors to Decorations

May 29, 2009

From tealights to votive holders, table lamps to floating candles, the choice for wedding candles to light up your reception is, indeed, endless.  Wedding candles can take on all different shapes, sizes, designs and types.  Wedding candle favors extend the light in your heart to theirs reflecting the wonderful sentiment of your joy filled day.  Candle favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests.

Here are some of my favorite candle favors, which are suited to a multitude of events, not only weddings.

“Damask Traditions” Black and White Frosted Glass Tea Light Holde

“Damask Traditions” Black and White Frosted Glass Tea Light Holde

The Damask Traditions Black And White Candle Holder is beautiful for any special occasion.  Classic in style, traditional and formal – this Parisian inspired glass favor is decorative for your guests’ homes as it is for table decorations.  Tea lights are included in each, but these can also fit a smaller sized votive candle.  Trendy and in style these gorgeous candles are a sure-fire win.  This is part of our elegant and traditional candle favor collection.

LOVE Design Candle Holder Favors

LOVE Design Candle Holder Favors

Some times all you need is “love, love, love.”  With love the theme of the day for so many events, its only natural to select a candle favor which reflects the sentiment to a “T”.  From our Love & Hearts Candle Favors collection, these remind me of the LOVE statues in New York City, Philadelphia and other major cities.  You know the one I’m talking about – the big red LOVE one.  So if you’re planning on tying the knot in the “City of Brotherly Love” or just want to show the world how in love you are, these Love Design Candle Holder Favors are the sweetest of symbols.

Elegant Black & Crystal Flower Candle Wedding Favors

Elegant Black & Crystal Flower Candle Wedding Favors

Nothing says “Spring Fling”, “Black-Tie Only” or “Garden Party” than an elegant Floral  & Garden Themed Candle Favor like this one does.  One of our most popular floral candles, these elegant black and crystal flower candles are pretty enough to be used for a variety of social gatherings and upscale parties.  Appropriate for a number of occasions, these gorgeous candles are the epitome of elegance and style.

Whether you choose to place these fall candles on each place setting, or scatter them on your tables, these lovely fall wedding candles will add a punch of autumn color to your event.  Just a few of these to each table will add just the right amount of outdoors to your wedding without going overboard.  Suitable for any fall or autumn themed event!

Nothing reminds me of winter more than icy-blue sparkle.  Everything glitters in the winter, the ice on the trees, the newly fallen snow, the stars in the crisp clear sky.  We have a varitety of winter candles to suit your winter event, from icy blue candles like above to wintery white sparkling snowflake candles – even red and green holiday designs.  The winter season is the perfect season for a candle wedding favors – the dim candle light just reminds me of the season so much!

I hope that I have given you some great ideas on how to decorate your tables with candles.  A simple, but beautiful candle on each setting is enough to invoke a wonderful theme throughout your reception hall.


Wedding Bells – Keeping A Tradition Alive

May 28, 2009

A traditional symbol for marriage, wedding bells pop up throughout the ages as a visually inspiring and universal symbol of marriage.  From ringing church bells, to a string of bell-like objects attached to a wedding car, to ringing of bells to ward off evil spirits and clinking of glasses or bells to “ring for a kiss” – bells are as traditional as “something blue”.   Wedding bell favors will add charming decor to your wedding reception tables as well as being a wonderful keepsake wedding favors for your guests.

If you’re not sure about giving a wedding bell as a favor, but want to incorporate them into your wedding, we have several ideas for you!

Wedding Bells to Ring in Good Wishes as You Leave Your Ceremony

Wedding Bells to Ring in Good Wishes as You Leave Your Ceremony

1) Instead of tossing rice, birdseed, eco-friendly rice puffs, bubbles, wedding wands or rose petals – have your wedding guests ring good wishes to you as you leave your ceremony site.  They can bring these bells with them to the reception to echo in the same sentiment as you enter the reception.

2) If you would rather not hear 150 guests resquest you to kiss at the same time, add 2 to 4 bells scattered on each reception table.  You’ll stil get the same “chime” without it being obnoxiously loud on your ears.

3) Leave our “mini” ring for a kiss bells at each table setting.  These are only 1″ tall so the sound of the bells will be softer than that of our larger, traditional wedding bells.  Inexpensive at about .18 cents each, you can afford to put these on your tables in addition to any wedding favors you would like to give your guests.

4) Use bells as your place card holders – rather than buying place card holders or frames, have your wedding bells work for you!  Type up on your computer your list of guests and their table numbers.  Print on cardstock, and cut out the names in little 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips of paper, about 3″ long.  Wrap one end around the bell, and use a glue stick to stick it to the back of the strip – leaving a long strip with the guests’ names fanning out. Alternatively, there are wedding bells such as our Sweetheart Wedding Bells which hold a place card right between the two hearts of the bell.

5) For a traditonal and gorgeous keepsake wedding favor, give your guests Silver Plated Wedding Bells (as shown in picture above) or any of our gorgeous wedding bell favors.  These will be cherished for years to come.

Top 10 New Beach Wedding Favors

May 21, 2009

We’re going back to the beach again! (Can’t you tell summer is on my mind?) Yesterday we visited our customer’s top ten favors and today we’re going to visit my top ten new beach wedding favors which were just released this season – perhaps it will give you some beach themed wedding favor ideas for your upcoming beach wedding.

(By the way, did you know I had a beach / destination wedding as well?)

1. Chrome Starfish Wine Bottle Stopper – I’m a big fan of wine stoppers because there isn’t a household out there that doesn’t have a bottle (these work with any bottle not just wine) that needs to be sealed.  Cork tends to break after a while – whereas chrome stays sturdy and strong.  I like the fact that these are reasonably priced and have chrome (not resin) tops – which make them more durable.  It comes pre-wrapped with attached beach themed tags, so there is no need to do any work! Btw, we have a huge selection of wine stopper wedding favors, so if this design doesn’t work for you check out the 100 + other stoppers we carry.

Chrome Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

Chrome Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

2. Shell Place Card Favor  Boxes With Designer Beach Place Cards – Brand, spanking new and just out of the box (get it? lol).  These favor boxes serve double duty – you can use them to hold sweet treats (candy, almonds, mini cookies, jelly beans) while at the same time the tops double as place card holders.  When your guests take them home they have a neat looking little wooden trinket box to display in their homes or to use as a jewelry box.  A really inventive idea.

Beach Theme Shell Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

Beach Theme Shell Place Card Favor Boxes with Designer Place Cards

3. “Please Be Seeded” Starfish Eco-Friendly Plantable Place Cards – Let’s face it – you need place cards.  People want to know where to sit.  If you don’t seat your guests, some people who don’t know your family will be left holding their plates looking for a spot to sit.  You don’t  want that and neither do we.  Here’s a beach themed wedding favor that is eco-friendly (the starfish can be planted), functional (it is used to assign your guests seats), pretty (hey, they are good lookin’), and relatively cheap ($1.10 to $1.60 each depending on quantity).  We have these available in different designs too, so hop over to our eco-friendly wedding favors page for more designs.

Please Be Seeded Starfish Plantable Seed Place Cards (Set of 12)

“Please Be Seeded” Starfish Plantable Seed Place Cards (Set of 12)

4. Natural Selections Shell Candle Wedding Favors – It’s like you just collected a jar full of beautiful shells from the beach and topped it off with a candle.  These candle holders are beautiful and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes with natural rattan ties.  Eco-friendly as glass is reuseable and renewable.   If I go to a wedding this beach season, I would want someone to give me this!

5. Palm Tree Water Globe Beach Wine Stoppers – Yes, I’m back to wine stoppers again, but with good reason -  this is the most unique stopper we carry.  Have you everr seen a water globe on top of a wine stopper?  It’s pretty cool.  Not to mention the packaging and display is dynamite.

6. Beach Theme Starfish Ice Cream Scoops – Nothing says summer more than the sand, the shore and ice cream!  Functional, fun and practical who can’t use an ice cream scoop in their kitchen?  Made of resin with a solid chrome scoop these will last for many seasons to come.

7. Elegant Crystal Flower & Starfish Candle – if you want a beach themed favor but don’t want to scream “beach” at your wedding – or if you want to give a gift a bit more upscale – these candles fit the bill.  Pretty flowers and starfish in crystal clear color (these are also available in pink or lavender, btw) will charm your guests.  Subdued but classy, these are elegant beach wedding favors.

8. “Ocean Breeze” Seashell Scented Soaps – Gorgeously gift boxed, these beach themed soap favors will look beautiful on your reception tables or as your bridal shower favors.  Very popular, these guest soaps smell as good as an ocean breeze!

9. Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors – Long days in the sun call for a refreshing summertime treat.  Share the sunny love with your guests with these delicious lemonade mixes – available personalized in 58 designs.

Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

Personalized Lemonade Wedding Favors

10. Seaglass Luminary With Beaded Handle – These come as show in assorted beachy colors.  Whether you use them as table decorations or give them out as candle wedding favors, these are beautiful and well made lanterns.


Top 10 Beach Wedding Favors for 2009

May 20, 2009

I blogged yesterday about the top selling wedding favors for 2009, so with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the official kick off to the summer here, it is a great time to discuss beach wedding favors!  Whether you are a beach bride or having a summer wedding here are the Top 10 beach themed wedding favors selected by our customer’s based on popularity and sales.

Mini Buri Fans - Eco-friendly Favors

Mini Buri Fans – Eco-friendly Favors

1. Buri Wedding Fans – they made it to the Top 10 list yesterday and they are #1 on our top beach wedding favors as well.  A bestseller for beach and summer weddings – you can keep your guests cool as well as providing them with their seating assignments.  Shown here as a DIY project with craft paper, reinforcements and colored favor ribbon.  Since these are currently out of stock until 7/30/09, why not try the larger version of these fans – Large Buri Wedding Fans

Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors in Glass Top White Box

Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors in Glass Top White Box

2. Sandalwood Fans in Glass Top White Boxes – A best seller since last year, our sandalwood fans are affordable and make unique favors.  Personalize them as shown with our Modern Square Favor Labels

Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

Starfish Design Wine Stopper Beach Wedding Favors

3. Starfish Design Wine Stopper – Great for beach themed weddings, events and parties these chrome, resin and rhinestone accented bottle stoppers are as pretty as they are functional.  They come pre-packed in a black box tied with organza ribbon.  One of our best sellers for the past two beach wedding seasons.

Beach Theme Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

Beach Theme Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

4. Beach Themed Luggage Tags – What says beach more than summer vactions, sand and shells?  These beach themed luggage tags are perfect gender neutral wedding favors which are great for beach weddings here or abroad!

Flip-Flop Luggage Tag Wedding Favors in Beach Themed Box

Flip-Flop Luggage Tag Wedding Favors in Beach Themed Box

5. Flip Flop Luggage Tags in Beach Themed Box – In the world of look-alike luggage any distinctive or brightly colored mark can help identify your luggage.  These uniquly designed flip flop luggage tags will help your guests easily travel in style.  With a cute beach themed box and “For You” beach bucket thank you tag, these beach wedding favors can’t be beat.

"Our Love Shell Last Forever" Personalized Seashells

“Our Love Shell Last Forever” Personalized Seashells

6. “Our Love Shell Last Forever” Personalized Sea Shells – if you would like to give your guests a truly memorable keepsake favor then these personalized seashells will be perfect for your beach wedding.  Each comes with the standard engraving “Our Love Shell Last Forever” and is then engraved with up to 2 lines of your text.  Since these are all natural, they are eco-friendly too!

7. Palm Tree Favor Boxes – Edible favors are a trend in weddings, so why not have a cute and themed box to display your wedding favor treats in?  These charming little pryamid shaped boxed have neat little palm leaves which top off these irresistible boxes.  Great for beach and destination weddings.

Starfish Bookmark Beach Wedding Favors

Starfish Bookmark Beach Wedding Favors

8. Starfish Bookmarks – What’s a day at the beach, or a seaside vacation without a good book to curl up with?  They will remember your wedding each time they use these shore inspired place markers.  Although these are out of stock until 6/30, we do have two other similar starfish bookmarks to recommend: our Modern Starfish Bookmark and the slightly darker colored Starfish Design Bookmark

"Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame

“Beach Memories” Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame

9. Beach Memories Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card / Photo Frame – While the concept is great and these are our bestsellers, they hold a VERY small place card or photo.  The opening is only 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ (who’s wedding photo is that small?) They are designed well, but look at their name – Miniature Adirondack Chairs!!  (They don’t call them miniature for no reason). If you are looking for the same item which is bigger, heavier and will really “wow” your guests try our Adirondack Chair Frames (which holds a 2″ x 3″ photo – standard size wallet photo) – I guarantee you will like them!  They are slighly more expensive (about .15 cents difference) but they are well worth it.

Starfish Wine Stopper

Starfish Wine Stopper

10. Chrome Starfish Wine Stopper- prettily packaged and made of solid chrome this handsome wine stopper is gender neutral and will serve everyone on your guest list well.  Here is an alternate view:

Starfish Wine Stopper Wedding Favors

Starfish Wine Stopper Wedding Favors


Top 10 Wedding Favors For 2009

May 19, 2009

I’ve been looking through our sales and for the past 6 months (December until today), these are our top 10 bestselling wedding favors based on our customer’s purchases.  Granted these items can always change, and if they do, they will change based on our customer’s behavior and buying patterns.  This is a great place to start for wedding favor ideas, to get inspiration for your wedding favors or just to see what other brides are buying!

Here’s our Top 10 Bestselling Wedding Favors for 2009:

Miniature Silver Galvanized Pails / Buckets

Miniature Silver Galvanized Pails / Buckets

1. Miniature Silver Galvanized Buckets – Our Miniature silver pails have always been a bestseller.  Great for the do-it-yourself crowd, there is just so many uses for these little miniature wonders.  Add ribbon and felt flowers, insert  lollipops and Volia! A miniature flower garden.  Are you a DIY type?  Pour soy wax into these little bad boys and make your own homemade candle favors.  Like candy?  Fill these little buckets with your favorite sweets.  For a bridal shower idea – just add bath salts or mini bath balls/gems.  For the eco-friendly crowd, why not add some potting soil and plant our Personalized Plantable Magic Beans in them?

Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper With Free Personalized Tags

Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper With Free Personalized Tags

2. Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper  – Classic and timeless, this is a traditional and favorite wedding favor among our brides.  Since it is already pre-packaged in a formal style black bottomed box and tied with sheer white organza ribbon – there is no stress over how to wrap or display these pretty little things! Simply place them on your tables and you are good to go! PLUS – these come with free (yes, that’s FREE) personalized tags.  The only drawback with these tags is you will have to attach them to the favors yourself.

Personalized Theme Candy Jars - Available in 27 Designs & Colors

Personalized Theme Candy Jars – Available in 27 Designs & Colors

3. Personalized Themed Candy Jars – Available in 27 themes and colors these are perfect for every ocassion from bridal showers to weddings and even baby showers!  Great for the do-it-yourself crowd, you can do so much with these little jars.  Simply fill with your favorite candy (this is deceiving, because these jars hold ALOT more than the picture appears).  We can fit 22-26 jordan almonds in ONE little jar.  Select your design, pick your color scheme, fill with candy and add ribbon for a cute touch.  Here’s our tip: Place the label on the jars after they are filled and tightly sealed!

Personalized Round Shot Glass & Votive Holder

Personalized Round Shot Glass & Votive Holder

4. Our Personalized Round Shot Glass and Votive Holders - popular for years, these round shot glasses hold approximately 2.5 ounces (filled to the tippy-top) and are perfect as votive or tealight candle holders.  Available in over 50 designs and several ink colors these make perfect personalized favors.

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frame

Beautifully Beaded Place Card & Photo Frame

5. Beautifully Beaded Place Card and Photo Frame – Seen in the Movie 27 Dresses and featured in many bridal magazines this classic and traditional silver place card frame is a timeless and elegant wedding favor.  It has a sturdy velveteen back, a glass insert, it comes with a blank place card and has a beautiful silver metal frame.  The frames can also be positioned horizontally or vertically.  This is very well priced and a value for the money.  The frames are also available in gold: Gold Beautifully Beaded Place Card Frames

"Two of a Kind" Playing Cards - Label Can Be Personalized

“Two of a Kind” Playing Cards – Label Can Be Personalized

6. Two Of A Kind Personalized Playing Cards – Available personalized in 12 different label colors, these playing cards are functional favors everyone can keep in their homes and enjoy for years to come.  Just a quick note: selecting a different color label does not change the card color, only the label outside the box is changed.  Additionally, these cards are not personalized – only the box label is.

'Pink Polka Purse' Manicure Set Favors

‘Pink Polka Purse’ Manicure Set Favors

7. Pink Polka Dot Purse Manicure Sets – Great for bridal or baby showers these are our most popular chic favors.  Great for all the women in your life – who doesn’t need an adorable portable manicure set?  Each little pink purse contains all the essentials you need a tweezer, nail clipper, emery board, and small scissor.

Mini Buri Fans - Eco-friendly Favors

Mini Buri Fans – Eco-friendly Favors

8. Mini Buri Fans – a great eco-friendly favor option, as shown these double as place card holders or as wedding favors for beach and summer weddings.  Made out of all natural buri palm these are beautiful as they are earth friendly.  Shown here, we cut out tags from cardstock and attached reinforcements before attaching with ribbon.  And if your looking for a larger fan, we do carry large buri fans as well.

Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors

Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors

9. Handbag Design Compact Mirror Favors - These inexpensive (Only 85 Cents!) favors are great for bridal showers, bachlorette parties, girls night out events, sweet 16 and more.  A very popular favor, these little plastic handbags open to reveal a double sided mirror.  How adorable!

10. Rose Ball Candle Wedding Favors – With Free personalized tags!  How easy and simple these little candles are – just place them on your tables and your all set!  No need to gift wrap these candles – they come prewrapped with white organza ribbon and a pre-attached thank you tag.  If you decide to order the FREE personalized tags – all you’ll need to do is attach them to the favors once they arrive.

Celebrity Wedding Style – As Seen In InStyle Weddings

May 15, 2009

Place Card Frame Used in the Marriage of Christina Moore & John Ducey

Place Card Frame Used in the Marriage of Christina Moore & John Ducey

If you are looking for wedding favors which have a classic and elegant touch, then look no further.  These have been one of my favorite place card frames since they were introduced a few years ago.  Beautiful in hand, made of durable quality and classic style – these place card frames were featured in InStyle Weddings Winter 2009 (on sale until March 6, 2009) page 306 for the Celebrity Wedding of Christina Moore (90210 star) and John Ducey (J.O.N.A.S.) who wed on July 5, 2008.

For the place cards rather than writing out their guests names on them, each guest was greeted at their assigned seat with a picture of themselves with one of the newlyweds.  How cute of an idea is that?

These pretty Scroll place card frames are available in pewter finish (shown in the wedding) or in a gold tone finish (which is becoming more popular!).

Stay tuned, I’m browsing more wedding magazines and will keep you updated on the favors which are making the press!

Happy Days to you!

Erica :)

Kentucky Derby Weddings & Parties

May 2, 2009

A Southern tradition, the Kentucky derby is a wonderful celebration which usually starts two weeks before the actual Derby.  The community surrounding Louisville celebrates with steamboat races, fireworks, and private parties.

If you’ve ever watched the race, you’ll know the press focuses on the wealthy and glamorous in their silks, linens and dramatic hats.  It is just as much about the style as it is about the horses.  For women, it’s all about red carpet glamour and traditional elegance.  The hat is a Derby must with a dress which compliments the hat.  Accessories such as pearls, gloves and sunglasses  compliment the look.  For men, the most important component is that they compliment their dates.  The quintessential Derby look for men is  a seersucker suit, fedora, and comfortable loafers but you will often see men solid colored suits, patterned ties and occassionally tuxedos.   However, her beauty comes first and it is his duty to compliment her beauty!

For wedding favors, party favors and accessories which compliment a Kentucky Derby theme these will go dashingly well with your day:

Dating back to the eighteenth century, the mint julep has a rich historical background which began in the Southern part of the United States. Since 1936, the Mint Julep has also been considered the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby.

Treat your guests to a bit of time-honored southern hospitality and enhance your décor with a mint julep cup wedding favors as delightfully southern as a rainy night in Georgia. This versatile cup can hold a tea light, small flowers or candy like Jordan almonds or jelly beans.

For a traditional or Southern style wedding favor, select these silver plated Mint Julep cups. Measuring 3″H x 2-5/8″W each tapers downward with intricate detailing on the rim and bottom of the cup. Serve them during your cocktail or reception in the traditional sense or use them to hold candy at each place setting.

The horseshoe is one of the world’s most relied upon symbols of luck. So give your guests some “good fortune to go” with these dazzling horseshoe key chain favors. Perfect for Kentucky Derby parties,

“lucky” events and almost any occasion where Lady Luck is on the guest list, each has a metal key ring and chain attached to a resin pewter colored horseshoe charm lined with alternating rhinestones embedded at its center.

Customers seeking a Western-style wedding, or those looking for a little luck on their wedding day will adore this unique alternative to the ring bearer pillow. The genuine pewter horseshoe hangs from a pretty white satin handle and is engraved with the words “Lucky in Love.” Heart-shaped holes line the horseshoe for a decorative touch and white satin streamers are included for tying the rings. 5 1/2″x6″.

A silver-tone lucky horseshoe pen set is supported by a Lucite base.  This is a great guest book pen for western weddings and Kentucky Derby parties.  It also makes a handsome desk pen set.

Perfect Your Perfect Wedding Look

Sep 26, 2008

There’s more to your wedding than just the wedding ceremony and reception. Completing your total wedding look is a must – you’ll feel even more confident and beautiful on your special day. Don’t spend a fortune – has elegant bridal accessories so you can create a perfect wedding look. Here’s some accessories you need:

  • Wedding Tiaras: Wedding tiaras like the White Pearl Waves Tiara and the Pearl Loop Tiara are exceptionally elegant!
  • Wedding Flip Flops: Ouch, those beautiful white heels you bought are great for the ceremony, but not a night of dancing! Ditch them for equally pretty White Sandal with Crystal Woven Strap Flip Flops.
  • Bridal Purses: You need a pretty place to stash your lipstick, and maybe a tissue or two for those joyful tears. We like the Ivory Classic Evening Bag.
  • Wedding Jewelry: Whether for the bride or as a cute gift for her bridesmaids, check out our beautiful wedding jewelry, such as the 3 Piece Pearl Wedding Set, Impressive Bridal Jewelry Set, and Chevron Jewelry Set.

5 Rules for Choosing Your Wedding Music

Aug 13, 2008




When you are hiring your DJ or your band for your wedding consider the following tips. Next to the food and drinks you will serve, the entertainment is the most important aspect of your wedding reception; uou want your guests to have a good time, and hiring a wedding professional will ensure that your guests are motivated and hit that dance floor.  A professional DJ and/or MC will ensure the proper flow to your wedding reception, making sure all of the introductions, proper toasts, special dances and announcements are made in a timely and proper fashion.  A good DJ will also collaborate with you to make a custom playlist for your reception.

You should also consider the following tips when considering your wedding reception music:

1) Don’t neglect the cocktail hour!  The cocktail hour sets the mood for your reception, a bit of light music starts off your festivities right.

2) The key to a successful wedding is lots of dancing, you want your guests to have a good time, not just sit around and talk all night.  That means disco, eighties pop and today’s popular dance songs should be incorporated into your music mix.

3) Select some oldies too!  You’ll want to offer some slow dancing too, and some music for your family who may not be from your generation too also enjoy. 

4)  Make sure your DJ knows when to speak.  Some DJ’s are too chatty, while a professional DJ or MC will know just when to speak and just when the pace needs to be picked up.

5) Pick a memorable song to end the reception.  Songs such as “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, “Closing Time” by Semisonic or something romantic by Frank Sinatra.

Last but not least, if your reception is a music themed bash, why not send your guests home with custom hand made wedding favor CDs or a music themed wedding favor?

And if you are looking for a professional DJ company, we suggest Party Perfect NYC for all your NYC, NJ or CT wedding DJ needs. We’ve worked with them many times and would highly recommend their services.

Paradise Found – Luau Themed Wedding

Aug 11, 2008

I’m planning on having a luau-themed wedding reception, any ideas on how to incorporate my theme?”

Luaus are a fantastic reception idea. Tying in the theme to your menu is easy. Talk to your caterer about exotic fish, platters of exotic fruits, or Hawaiian cuisine. Consider having a pig roast as an exciting and unique approach to your reception fare. Drink selection should also be fruity and tropical, served in bright glasses, coconuts, or with small umbrellas.

For entertainment, consult with local entertainment companies about hiring hula dancers or fire performers to give a one of a kind performance on your wedding day.

Be sure to let your guests know about the theme so they can dress accordingly!

As for décor, rent some tiki torches and break out the grass skirts. Decorate your venues with tropical flowers, seas shells, palm fronds, or Hawaiian tapestries. As a great centerpiece, gold fish bowls will be exciting and interesting. Add on some shells, sand, and flowers,and you’ve got a luau!

Tie everything in with some of these exotic Beach Wedding Favors. Your guests will celebrate in a true island paradise. Aloha!