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Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Freeze Dried Rose Petals An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Jul 15, 2008

freeze dried rose petals

Did you know that you do not need to spend a fortune to have fresh de-petaled rose petals for your wedding?  Nor do you have to purchase silk rose petals which although manufactured to “look” real, are not.  Freeze dried rose petals are cheaper than fresh rose petals (but still the real thing) and rather than silk petals, freeze dried is an environmentally friendly option!

Our freeze dried rose petals are de-petaled from real, fresh roses and dehydrated in a facility which is powered by wind and hydro energy.  Freeze dried rose petals will not wilt like fresh rose petals while giving you the appearance of freshly plucked petals!  They also do not stain fabrics and are not as slippery as fresh petals.

Freeze dried rose petals can be used in the same way fresh rose petals would be used – to line the aisle in the ceremony, as your flower girl toss, to decorate your reception tables or to use them as a rose toss when the couple leaves the ceremony – in lieu of brideseed, rice or bubbles.  Freeze dried rose petals are biodegradeable so you won’t have to worry about harming the environement.

To prep your freeze dried rose petals, order them at least 3 weeks before your event.  Once they arrive the easiest way to soften them is to place them in your bathroom while you are taking a shower.  The humidity will gradually soften the petals – however, for typical uses (tossing, decoration, ailse lining) you do not need to soften them unless you want to.

Be careful though!  Do not submerge them in water, and do not use these as floating rose petals.  Although these will float, these will quickly absorb water, get soggy and lose shape.

Our Premium freeze dried rose petals are available in 8 different colors.  Look for them in our eco-friendly wedding favors section.  And also check out, speciality freeze dried rose petals and our seasonal mixed colored freeze dried rose petal blends.

What You Need To Know About Silk Rose Petals

Feb 29, 2008

If you are looking to save a bit of your wedding budget, consider silk rose petals in lieu of the real thing.  What you need to know about silk rose petals is, the cheaper the petals, the more likely they will look cheap too.  This is a matter of quality over price, and you’ll be saving a bundle anyway if you choose to use silk over fresh rose petals.

Fresh rose petals are quite costly – but did you know they degrade very quickly (within hours!) are slippery (you wouldn’t want to fall during your walk down the aisle would you?) and can stain fabric depending on the color.

Look for silk rose petals which are made of microfiber polyester fabric – the microfiber actually adds a soft “peachy” feel – just like the inside of real rose petals.  You may want to use these petals in areas which don’t require close examination – your ceremony aisle, your flower girl toss, around certain areas of your reception.  There is also a twist though – you can also order personalized silk rose petals .

Now, for quantity recommendations:

Each guest should get 10 to 20 petals for tossing

Your flower girl should have 100 to 200 petals for tossing

Each reception table should have 50 to 100 petals around centerpieces

Cermoney aisle coverage as follows: 100 petals per sq. foot for dense coverage, 100 petals per 2 square feet for moderate coverage, and 100 petals per 3 square feet for light coverage.

Wedding Favors As Seen In: Instyle Weddings Winter 2008

Feb 20, 2008

I’ve discussed my love affair with HGTV, so you can imagine my delight when I was flipping through the most recent edition of Instyle Weddings Winter 2008, and saw an article about Scott Corridan, contestant in HGTV’s Design Star and also designer for clients such as Steve Martin and Prisilla Presley.  In the article found on page 226, Style Scool 10 Inspiring Ideas, idea # 7 was to celebrate the marriage with bells in lieu of rice.  And when I took a closer look at the bells, I realized we carry identical wedding bells!

Here is a copy of the article which show the bells featured:



And here are the bells we carry:


We also carry similar bells as well (the handles are not as ribbed):



Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Wands

Jan 6, 2008

I love handmade, unique items – and I especially love to tinker with do-it-yourself projects.  If I see something I like on designer shows, I usually try to duplicate it myself.  I stumbled upon a unique and highly customizable do-it-yourself wedding idea from Brides UK magazine – how to create your own wedding wands!

Wedding wands can be used in lieu of bubbles, rose petals, rice or confetti tossing at the ceremony.  They also can be used by guests to welcome the new “Mr & Mrs.” at the reception.  They are a fun alternative to throwing things at the couple (which I was never really a fan of – what bride wants rice in their dress?).

To make your own wedding wands, go to your local hardware store and purchase dowels (round wooden spindles).  You may need to enlist the help of a friend, father or your fiance to help cut the dowels to the perfect size and use a bit of sandpaper to smooth off the cut edges.  Paint each piece in your wedding colors and attach ribbon and/or accessories to the top of each dowel with a hot glue gun.

And if you want to get really fancy, we suggest purchasing personalized ribbon to attach to your wands: 3/8″ wide personalized double faced satin ribbon – continuous printed roll

Handmade Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands, photo courtesy of Brides UK, January/February 2008, Page 94


Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Dec 19, 2007

Speaking of economical wedding ideas, here is a great idea for a cheap, inexpensive wedding dress: JCrew’s Goddess Gown.  For only $325.00, this gorgeous silk gown is available in ivory, in regular or petite sizes.  It is perfect for casual weddings, beach weddings, or garden weddings.  If this dress was available when I got married in 2003, I surely would have purchased it.

You should also check out all of J Crew’s wedding gowns - although a small section, their dresses are simple, yet fabulous.  Since these dresses are online only, if you plan on ordering, I would suggest ordering 3 sizes, you size, the size above, and the size below.  This way you can be sure to get the best fit.  Simply return the 2 dresses which aren’t the correct fit to any  of their stores or via the catalog.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, Times Square Wedding

Dec 19, 2007

Jennifer Cannon and Doy Nichols of Lexington, Ky., plan to get married today in a public restroom in Times Square NYC.  The wedding ceremony will take place at the temporary, free public Charmin Public restrooms, which are installed each year in Times Square for the New Year’s festivities. 

The bride will wear a wedding gown fashioned from glue, tape and Charmin Ultra Soft bathroom tissue.  The highly detailed wedding gown was designed by Hannah Kim, winner of the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest, sponsored by .  Each year, they hold a contest for the best toilet paper wedding gown, with the winner receiving a 500.00 prize.

Now, how’s that for an eco-friendly and highly economical wedding gown?  Would any readers actually consider a dress like this for their own wedding?