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Wedding Favors

10 Awesome Wedding Favors for 2016

Feb 22, 2016

Oh, no! Not another wine stopper.  Don’t bore your guests with another wedding favor that they’ve already gotten.  We’ve been slowly launching our new wedding favors for 2016 and if you haven’t seen the 200+ new items you need to check it out.  (Not to mention we are still adding new items!) Here are our Top 10 picks for wedding favors for the 2016 wedding season:

sunglass wedding favors

Sunglasses are such a fun and summnery wedding favor for your guests – especially if the wedding is being held outside.  Who couldn’t use a cool pair of new shades?  We have them in so many colors, black, white, pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple, – and coming later this week – gold!  Personalize these sun glasses for a personal touch. Oh and we also see those cute striped tote bags too if you are looking for bridesmaid gifts.


strawberry jam wedding favors

Strawberry jam is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season and goes well with tea parties and wedding welcome bags.  These particular Strawberry jam wedding favors come in 30 designs and 21 different colors.  But we also have other themes such as english garden. rustic, beach and custom wedding designs.


We’ve seen favor boxes, then we’ve seen favor boxes! How adorable are these our love story boxes shaped like books!  Perfect if you’re a book lover or if you want to give a vintage inspired favor to your guests.


A little sparkle, a little shine and a set of coasters is divine!  Wedding favors can be pretty and practical like these silver sparkle glitter coasters.  Plus they are as low as $2 per set, so you can’t go wrong!  Even use them at each place setting to add sparkle to your tables.

gold foil lip balm wedding favors
Gold is possibly the hottest color for 2016 – whether it be gold glitter or gold foil.  And we love these gold lip balm wedding favors. Pick your design, select gold or silver foil, add your text and choose your lip balm flavor.  These will get your guests ready for kissing!

We love wine glasses, well, we just love wine – and having a collection of awesome wine glasses at home is great too.  These are all new designs on our 15 oz wine glass wedding favors (we recommend this size, it’s the perfect fit in your hand) – in what they are being described as “rustic” monogrammed designs.  You can personalize these bad boys in a plethora of colors – including gold and silver.


You got it “write” by marrying your sweetheart, so why not give a useful pen as a token to remember your special day?  Everyone uses pens and keeps them in a pocket, purse, home, office or car.  These ball point pens are fun and the “write” wedding favor to give.

credit card bottle opener favors

Pop top personalized credit card bottle openers are pretty cool because they can fit in men’s wallets or women’s purses.  They are the size of a credit card and have sturdy metal to pop the top of beer bottles and soda caps.  And for about $1.00 they are affordable wedding favors too.  Personalize in a number of colors and designs. One of our favorite items! olive oil dipping plate wedding favors

Olive oil dipping plates are unique wedding favor that your guests can use every time they have an Italian dinner or entertain their guests in their homes.


Personalized wedding matches have always been a traditional wedding favor, but these matchboxes have a whole new modern twist with their glitter or chalkboard labels (other designs available too).

30 Ideas To Fill Your DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favors With

Mar 5, 2014

Mason Jars are so popular  – they can be used for decor, lighting, holding utensils, drinks and even as wedding favors.  A mason jar is a blank canvas – so many uses, so many ways to decorate them.  If you’re planning on using mason jar favors (which are great for any occasion, not just weddings) we have 30 great ideas to fill your mason jars with.



1. Fill your mason jars with trail mix.  Its healthy and festive with themed labels and matching bakers twine.



Left Source | Top Source | Bottom Source

2. Popcorn in mason jars – caramel, plain, kettle corn, flavored – or even kernels to pop your own at home.


Top Source | Bottom: Left | Center | Right

3. Cupcakes in a jar – be sure to add on a wooden chevron spoons so your guests will be able to eat their sweet treat on the way home.



Source Left | Top Left | Top Right | Bottom

4. Smores in a jar are great for rustic weddings, vintage events, birthday parties – and kids parties!




5. Cookie Mix in Jars – be sure to include a gift tag with instructions so your guests know how to mix and bake them!




6. Salt Water taffy favors in of course – mason jars!  Use themed color taffy and ribbon and a tag for a special touch.




7. Peanut butter, almond butter, pecan butter is amazing easy to make!  Make your own custom “butter” mix and label it with a personalized label.


Source Top Left | Bottom Left | Right

8. Sugar scrubs are also an easy DIY craft and smell fresh in the bath or near a sink.  Dress them up with labels for a wedding or bridal shower favor.



Source Left | Top Right | Center Right | Bottom Right

9. Pies in mason jars – the possibilities are endless.  Shown here: Lemon meringue pie, cherry pies, apple pies, pecan pies




10. Caramel apples with dipping in a jar – this is adorable for DIY fall favors!



11. Spiced nuts, roasted nuts, candied nuts – make great little take home treats



12. Who doesn’t like cookies? Cookes in a jar? Even better! These can be made in advance and stay fresh because of the air tight seals



13. We couldn’t resist this one – serving ice cream in mason jars is a great idea for a summer wedding or party

mason jar succulents


14. Succulents are popular for favors now, why not put them in little mason jars rather than little containers?


Source Top Left | Top Right | Bottom: Left | Center | Right

15. Terrariums are fun little landscapes you can make in jars.  This may be a lot of DIYing for wedding favors, but may be cool as centerpieces!



16. Hot cocoa mix is a great fall and winter wedding favor idea.  Add small bottles of liquor for the adults and add candy canes for the kids!


Source Left | Right Top | Center | Bottom

17. You can’t go wrong with candy in jars and it is probably one of the easiest DIY favors to do.  Get some kisses, mints, almonds, jelly beans or M&Ms and fill away!



18. Whether you source local jam or jelly from a farmer or make your own (there are some really easy DIY recipes out there) jam is always a yummy treat for breakfast or dessert.



19. To ship honey favors to yourself, may be quite costly due to the weight.  Not to mention if honey breaks in transit, all of your favors will be a mess.  Skip the shipping and go to a local source or buy honey by the bulk and fill your own mason jars for an easy DIY rustic favor.



20. If you and your honey are a perfect match – here’s a twist on traditional matchbook favors – put wooden matches in a mason jar and glue to the top of the lid sandpaper or the cover of a matchbox so there is someplace for your guests to strike to light a match.



21. Send your fall or winter guests home with their very own mulling spices which are used to flavor hot apple cider, mulled wine, spiced beer or wassail.  Spices usually consist of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg; and less frequently star anise, peppercorn or cardamon. It also usually includes dried fruit (such as raisins, apples or orange rind).  You can also buy mulling spices prepackaged.



22. Homemade pickles are a unique favor.  You can make these ahead of time using your own pickling recipe and fresh cucumbers – add a little burlap, bakers twine and a kraft tag stamped with your logo and voilà! favors!



23. Make your own candles.  Using painters tape, you can create your own stencil. Simply paint (spray paint works the quickest and best!) chalkboard paint on them, let dry and remove the tape.  Instant rustic decor or favors.



24. Homemade granola is quick, easy and a healthy snack.  Follow the source link for the recipe.



25. Doughnut or donut holes are the perfect snack to pop at the end of the night.  You can buy them premade or follow the source link above to find the recipe for the superfood chocolate bliss balls found in the photo.



26. Bath bombs in mason jars – could be the perfect gift for your bridal shower guests or as a little extra pampering to your bridal party girls.



27.  A sewing kit in a jar is a unique gift – especially if you are “sew perfect together”.  Also cool to give to your out of town guests in their welcome baskets.  Or carry one in your emergency wedding day kit for day of wedding repairs.



28. If you’re crafty you can make your very own scented soy candles and use mason jars as holders for them.



29.  If you’re having a farm to table wedding like the couple above did, they used mason jars to hold individual servings of olives.  What a unique idea!



30. Finally, if you’re still not sure what to fill your DIY mason jars with for favors, why not just give the mason jar itself as a favor?  Do what these couples did and have them use their jar as their glass for your wedding – and they can take them home!

Are you using mason jars for your wedding?  What will you be filling them with?

Don’t forget to follow our Mason Jar Pinterest Board which has over 80+ unique ideas (and growing) for your wedding favors and decorations.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Color Inspiration

Jan 7, 2014

Pantone announced last month, that the 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  Since the announcement we’ve seen an explosion of photos of this awesome color.  Radiant is a perfect name for this shade of orchid!  Bright and lovely, it is perfect for spring and summer weddings.  Add a richer, deeper shade for fall and winter 2014 weddings.  It is said to compliment all skin tones and work well with a variety of accent colors: purples, lavenders, pinks, turquoise, red, yellows and all neutral shades.  We’ve put together for the bride searching for radiant orchid accessories a page of wedding favors and supplies which currently matches this awesome color, you can find all of our radiant orchid wedding items here which are all on sale at this moment for 20% off our regular prices.  (Sale ends, January 14, 2014).

Also, if you’re looking for radiant orchid wedding inspiration, be sure to follow our Radiant Orchid Pinterest Board which has over 100 ideas for you!

But for now, here are some of our favorite radiant orchid photos from across the web:


Source:  Chandelier | Shoes | Wedding Party | Bouquet | Favors | Cake


Source: Hall | Dress | Eyes | Cake Topper | Cuff Links


Source: Candles | Fans | Rose Petals | Mason Jars | Candy Bar

© 2014 Erica Tevis, Little Things Favors

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Nautical Wedding Ideas

May 9, 2013

From bold navy stripes, to pops of red and rope details, we love all things associated with the trend toward nautical! There are so many ways to incorporate nautical elements into your celebration whether you want to give a subtle nod to the sea or have a full blown sea-side soiree! Anchors are a popular icon and other favorite include: sailboats, lighthouses, compasses, ship steering wheels, sea shells, sea stars, and even lobsters! Here are our top 3 nautical favors:

1. “Anchor” Bottle Opener
2. “By the Sea” Lighthouse Tea Light Holder
3. “Shining Sails” Silver Place Card Holders

These favors can be incorporated in to the center of the table décor, placed on each plate, or organized on an impressive display for guests to take as they “sail away” for the evening.

Happy Planning!

- Nicole of Kate Aspen

Cheap Wedding Favors – Ideas That Inspire

May 2, 2013


One of the bigger trends this wedding season is DIY and Cheap wedding favors – it seems everyone is on a budget these days and are looking to do it themselves with almost every aspect of wedding planning.  While DIY may sound fun, sometimes “duplicating it yourself” isn’t always the best way – it takes time, energy, helping hands and money (sometimes more than you think to buy all the ribbon, charms, twine, hot glue, etc…) and some brides aren’t crafty – or maybe they just don’t have the time.

Not to worry – I put together a great article for those brides who may or may not want to go the DIY route but are still looking to save money on their wedding favors: 10 Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Cheap Wedding Favors – which will give you some great ideas and a starting point to get ideas for your wedding. Alternatively, you may want to browse our cheap wedding favors section which gives you many of our favors (all under or just around $1).

If you’re still looking for inspiration, we also just published a video on our YouTube channel with 25 of our most popular cheaper favors

Cheap Wedding Favors

The Key To A Happy Marriage Is …

Dec 11, 2012

The Key To A Happy Marriage

There is no advice or secret tip to make a marriage successful.  Marriage is a series of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, laughter and tears (hopefully more laughter than tears), joy and sorrow.  Marriage is a process, one you have to work at – you must learn to compromise, learn from each other, continue to love each other and find time for romance.  But there is no real “key” to making it 100% secure.  If there was there would be no divorce! But we can learn from those who have long and happy marriages what the “key” was for them – and maybe incorporate these tidbits of advice into our own lives.

We asked our readers, our Facebook Fans and our Twitter Followers for their “Key” piece of advice and this is what they said:

Some of our readers feel that the sanctity of a marriage guided by God is the most important aspect. Jamie B., from NC says: “Constant communication, trust and God’s Grace!!” is the key for her.  Pamela W. from CA concurs, “The key is having God at the center of the marriage and submitting to Him first and foremost.”

A few of our readers acknowledge that being understanding no matter the situation, big or small, is the key to a successful marriage. Fiolina L. feels couples should have “patience, LOTS of it.” Jennifer K., from NY agrees that “not sweating the small stuff” is the secret for her. Newlywed Anthony G., from NY knows that “Understanding one another as well as accepting each other as a FRIEND.” is the most important aspect to any relationship. While understanding is important, it goes hand in hand with what Ginger A. and Brandy M. readers from Texas, tell us. It is a combination of “trust, patience and communication”.  Brandy goes on that, “it turns out, there’s lots a keys! Ima need a key chain of some sort!” – and we at Little Things agree, the “key” to a happy marriage may be a little of everything!

Also on top of our list of “keys” was the theme of romance, “respect and love”, according to our Facebook fan Izzabelle C., and Rosalynn G. from NY affirms this sentiment.  Rosalynn thinks that all couples should, “Keep doing and saying things that will give your spouse a sense of importance.”  While Pattie C., from FL wrapped this theme up nicely by stating couples should, “Kiss each other goodnight, every night !!!”

Humor, it turns out,  is just as important as all the other keys above.  Nicole M. from NY made us laugh when she told us her secret is, “Working opposite shifts!” While Kathy W. also from NY made us smile with her comment, “Let your hubby play softball on Sundays and he’ll do your bidding all week long!” So that’s the secret ingredient we were missing all along! Thanks, Kathy!

And finally, we think the “key” that every man should know to keep their wife happy is a tip from Dan. C from NY, “Never, NEVER, answer the question, ‘Does this make me look fat?’ Fake a seizure if you have to , but get out of the room. Then, 30 seconds later, wander back in the room as if you didn’t hear the question and say, ‘Wow, is that new?’ It looks great on you!” Repeat as often as possible.”

If you’ve enjoyed this post, why not incorporate it into your wedding day?  Ask your guests to write down their “keys” to a happy marriage on little cards or sheets of paper and keep them safe in a guest book, a reception card holder, photo album or even frame them in a photo collage to hang in your new home so you will always have their “keys” of wisdom with you throughout your happy marriage.  And don’t forget to share your key’s with them, a perfect complimentary wedding favor for this wedding theme is our bestselling, Antique Key Bottle Opener shown here:

Bronze Finish Antique Style Key Bottle Opener Favors in Gift Box

Bronze Finish Antique Style Key Bottle Opener Favors in Gift Box

Haven’t weighed in on the conversation yet?  Join by commenting below, what do you think is the “key” to a happy and successful marriage?

Day 3 Christmas Sale – 15% Off Winter Favors

Dec 5, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow … it has to be one of our favorite Holiday songs here at Little Things Favors.  Even though we haven’t seen a flurry yet here in Sayreville, we are still hoping for a white Christmas.  If you are planning a magical white winter wedding for the upcoming months you may be wishing for the fluffy white stuff to grace your special day … but even if you don’t get snow for your winter wedding day you can still add the sparkle and shine of snowflakes to your wedding with winter themed accessories, decorations, supplies and Winter Wedding Favors – if you’re looking for these items, today is the ONLY day to save 15% Off of any winter favors in the month of December!

Silver Snowflake Ornament Winter Wedding Favors

Silver Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Luggage Tag

Snowflake Luggage Tag

Snowflake Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Snowflake Chocolate Oreos




With so many different Christmas, winter and snowflake themed accessories, decorations and supplies you are sure to find exactly what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your winter soiree – be sure to shop today because our Winter sale is for ONE DAY ONLY.

Take 15% Off All Winter Favors & Accessories – Promo Code: LetItSnow15

Use Promo Code: LetItSnow15

Upon Checkout

12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Dec 4, 2012

On the second  day of Christmas your true love may send you two turtle doves but the staff here at Little Things Favors would like to extend you an offer of 15% OFF our Best Selling Favors.  Get all your holiday party needs right here!!

Second Day of Christmas

See what exciting gifts we have on sale

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Oct 18, 2012

Lace Hearts Filigree Paper Cupcake Wraps

Lace Hearts Filigree Paper Cupcake Wraps

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake day!  Did you know that today we celebrate these scrumptious little morsels of sweet goodness?  We at Little Things, LOVE chocolate – we don’t need a holiday to enjoy it – any day will do to indulge in chocolate in our office.  That’s why we were delighted when we found out there is a day that we can celebrate by eating more chocolate!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate or cupcakes?  (If you are one of the rare ones who doesn’t like either, stop reading now!)

Cupcakes are so fabulous for so many events – parties, showers and yes, even weddings.  They are simple to make, easy to decorate and fun to eat.  Just look at these gorgeous little treats – any guest would be happy to eat one of these bad boys!

If you’re not a baker, (and its ok, not everyone is) go ahead and buy a better than average cupcake mix in a grocery store (I can vouch that BJs carries delicious Ghirardelli cupcake mix and frosting that is big enough to make a batch for a party) and whip some up for your next party.  Also purchase a frosting bag kit (I personally use Wilton’s Cupcake Decorating Set) which makes it easy to pipe out your frosting like a pro.  Trust me if you can move your wrist in circles, you can make cupcakes that look exactly like these shown.  Decorate with a little sugared glitter and use something like our Lace Hearts Filigree Paper Cupcake Wraps to dress them up.  Don’t forget if you are having a formal affair like a wedding, you’ll also want to offer personalized cocktail napkins and a pretty display stand for guests to ogle over your little treats. And if you want your guests to take home one of them as their wedding favors, you also will need some pretty boxes to carry them home in such as our Cupcake Favor Boxes set.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Grand Display Tower for Cupcakes Love Bird Damask Design

Display Tower for Cupcakes









While we’re at chocolate cupcakes, I came across these mouth watering cupcakes and gorgeous cupcake display which I think is perfect for our rustic / woodland and country themed brides:

Chocolate Cupcakes & Rustic Display Stand from

We love peanut butter and chocolate combinations and just looking at Sweetopia’s blog makes me want to go home and whip up a batch tonight.  As a matter of fact she’s got her Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing recipe listed over there as well for these cupcakes so if you’d like to try your hand at baking, these sound like a yummy way to start.

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Practical Wedding Favors

Apr 19, 2012

When guests attend your wedding, there’s a 99% chance (not a real statistic) that they’re expecting wedding favors they can use – that’s why practical wedding favors are the way to go.  Your guests will leave happy, and you can rest assured the favor won’t be tossed in the trash or stuffed away in a drawer when they get home.  I’m all about practical wedding favors (if you ask me, the only other option besides something useful is a photo booth or donation).  So here’s yet another list of some awesome wedding favor ideas, except this time I’ve listed them in order of best to worst (in my opinion).  Click on the links to be brought directly to each section!

1.  Bookmark Favors – Seriously, we have SO many bookmarks that are best sellers.  They’re cheap and adorable – you can literally find one for every theme.  I am personally a bookworm and bookmarks help keep my nasty “dog-earring the pages” habit at bay.

2.  Playing Card Favors – …are not just for Las Vegas weddings.  First of all, they’re personalized, so guests are certain to love them.  I’ve actually received these as favors before, and kept them in my purse (which I could do, because they come in a handy little plastic case).  And I used them – the host never seems to have playing cards when I attend parties.

3.  Luggage Tag Favors – These are especially suitable if you’re having a destination wedding, but certainly not limited to those only.  Nor are they only going to please the avid travelers:  there’s a good chance that guests will remember it the next time they have to hop on a plane.

4.  Wedding Coasters – Do I even have to elaborate?  Everyone uses coasters; your guests will too.  And if it’s not every day, they’ll need them the next time they have guests over.

5.  Salt & Pepper Shaker Favors – Even though they’re miniscule, they are just so cute.  No one will be able to resist the fun shapes and sizes they come in, so even if they’re not used, they’ll be displayed somewhere in the kitchen.

6.  Kitchen Themed Wedding Favors – This includes anything from our best selling measuring spoon favors to mini whisks, pizza cutters and more.  They’re especially perfect as bridal shower favors…check out our article for ideas:  Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Ideas.

7.  Pasta & Salad Serving Sets – These are a great choice if you have a little more money to spend, because they can get costly.  Our Murano-inspired ones are especially nice.

8.  Cake Server Favors – Again, these can get costly too.  Keep in mind they probably won’t be used except on birthdays and other parties (unless your guests eat cake or pie every day).

9.  Olive Oil & Cruet Sets – I come from an Italian family, so olive oil is always in the kitchen and constantly being used for cooking.  But they can get expensive unless you’re planning on purchasing miniature versions.

10.  Ice Cream Scoop Favors – You’ll also find ice cream bowls here too.  With a bit more whimsy than elegance, ice cream favors are more suitable as for parties, but they’re always an option for the summer wedding.

11.  Photo Frames & Albums – The only tip I have is this:  buy a larger sized frame in a simple style.  It’s something that people will be displaying in their homes, so be thoughtful when choosing as everyone’s decorating tastes are different and you want something versatile.

12.  Stationary & Pen Favors – Everyone uses pens, but keep in mind that eventually they will run out of ink.  Letter openers are used less frequently, but can be kept forever.

13.  Magnet Wedding Favors – Personally, I like magnets for save the dates…and that’s it.  Memo clip magnets are an exception.

14.  Cookie Cutter Favors – I bake, and I have never used a cookie cutter in my life.  My only advice is to purchase samples first and make sure they are good quality and actually work!

15.  Notebook Favors – I have an addiction to Post-Its, so anything of that sort would be helpful to me.  However, I can’t say that I’d put too much use to a pen that barely fits in my hand and tiny notebook paper that has no adhesive.

Happy shopping! <3 Kelsey aka “Little Miss Opinion”

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