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Wedding Tips

Outdoor Beach & Summer Wedding Tips

Apr 2, 2012

Summer is one of the most popular times for weddings.  Whether the ceremony is on the beach or the reception is outdoors, there are a lot of factors that go unnoticed by guests and couples during outdoor beach or summer weddings.  Have no fear – we are here to help!  Here’s a list of summer and beach wedding tips you’ll want to check out if you’re exchanging nuptials or attending a wedding in the warmer months.

1.  Consider your shoes!  Ladies, this is especially for you:  stiletto heels are not for the sand or grass!

2.  Wear sunscreen!  Or, give your guests personalized sunscreen as their wedding favors!

3.  Wedding fans will be cherished by some guests, especially during an outdoor ceremony where there’s no breeze.  Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing wedding program fans.

4.  If you think the sun is going to be beating down on your guests, consider paper parasols to keep them in the shade.

5.  Dress accordingly.  Thick suits and long, flowy dresses are definitely a no-no in the warm weather, especially if you’ll be dancing the night away!

6.  Avoid chocolate or candy wedding favors or desserts which are likely to melt in the heat.

7.  Consider using a sand ceremony set rather than candles for the unity ceremony, which may not stay lit.

8.  Lay off the alcohol, or serve wine only. Drinking too much will dehydrate you – and obviously will be more effective in the heat.

9.  Always have a backup plan for your reception and ceremony.  Mother Nature may decide to not cooperate that day.

10.  Food – especially sugar and sweets – will attract bugs, so keep everything covered when possible.  This will also help any debris from blowing into your food.  Make sure all garbage is cleaned up immediately and put out of the way.

11.  Talk to your band or DJ about microphones during the ceremony if it’s outside.  The wind or sound of the ocean can easily drown out the vows!

12.  If the party will continue into the evening, light citronella candles to keep away those pesky mosquitoes.  And if you have an outdoor tent up, see if you can hang netting around it.

13.  If the sun’s out, make sure your guests are facing away from it.  The sun should be behind them so it’s not in their eyes!

14.  Choose your hairstyle carefully, or talk to your stylist about what styles will hold up in the wind.

15.  Plan carefully.  Since summer holds holidays like Memorial, Labor and Independence Day, try to avoid choosing a date around them where guests may have vacation plans, therefore being unable to attend.

Be sure to check out all of our beach wedding favors to commemorate your special day!

<3 Kelsey

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Choosing Your Winter Wedding Colors

Nov 17, 2011

If I was planning a wedding, I would definitely pick the winter season as my first choice.  I would also hope that it snowed on the day of my nuptials! (I think it’s so magical!) I know many of you probably think, I am crazy, but you are also talking to someone who travels to Helsinki, Finland on a yearly basis in the dead of winter.   So if you are like me and love the cold and the snow, but aren’t sure what colors to select for your winter wedding (I know light blue, white and silver are so yesterday) I have some great tips for you in my article Winter Wedding Colors and Ideas.

This blog is designed to expand on my article which instructs you to select a winter photograph and pull the colors and elements from it to design your perfect winter wedding.  If you read my article, the fourth photo is my favorite! I love the richness of color in it.  So from the photo, I have designed a Winter Wedding Color Inspiration board for you!

Winter Wedding Colors & Ideas

Winter Wedding Colors & Ideas

As you can see the top center is the photo I was working with, the 4 colors I pulled from it.  I selected David’s Bridal Horizon Blue for the bridesmaid dresses, a stunning Navy tux for the men, red roses for the aisle runner, bouquets, church decorations and wedding favors.  I’m not sure if I would go with Blue (Unknown designer) or the Red Louboutins – both are stunning! Red berries would accent the rustic centerpieces and if I could splurge on my groom I would go with a handsome navy and steel watch as his wedding gift.

So don’t be afraid to pick colors that aren’t “traditional” winter wedding colors – if you select your colors based on a natural winter themed palette, you can’t go wrong.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas For The Cigar Aficionado

Aug 13, 2010

Personalized Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

Personalized Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

Opulent, extravagant, luxurious,  decadent.  Visions of men in smoking coats in rooms drinking cognac or scotch and having serious discussions.  Very old school and very rich – this traditional men’s rite of passage has been popular throughout the ages – even in today’s anti-smoking society, cigar smoking is considered reserved for the sophisticated man.

Perhaps you and your boys enjoy bonding over a good cigar, while playing a round of golf or a hand of poker.  If your groomsmen enjoy the finer things in life, consider giving them personalized cigar or smoking accessory groomsmen gifts to compliment their lifestyle.

Here are our top 5 Cigar Accessory groomsmen gift ideas for the urbane groomsman.

1. Personalized Cherry Wood Humidor (Item Number LJDSGC151) – When properly monitored in this heirloom quality cherry wood humidor, cigars will retain their freshness indefinitely.  Personalize the front brass plate with up to two lines of text for free.  $51.95 each, ships in 2-3 days.

2. Personalized Themed Design Wood Humidors – Identical to our Cherry Wood Humidor but imprinted with a design, theme or hobby on the lid and personalized to your liking.  With themes such as cabin, beach house, fishing, vintage, cars, martini lounge, golf, poker and more – you can customize his humidor to his favorite pastime.  $69.95 each, ships in 2-3 days.

3. Personalized Classic Zippo Lighters – The perfect accessory to any man’s smoking room, a lighter guaranteed to light every time.  Personalized for free our Zippo lighters come in both high polished chrome designs to the darker black ice versions.  Also available in brushed metals and colors.  $25 – 34.95 – ships in 5 to 7 days.

4. Personalized Silver Plated Cigar Tube (Item Number ZPK3081P) – The Silver Plated Cigar Tube is the perfect place to store your celebratory cigars for after the wedding.  These are wonderful for the man who travels who can pack a cigar in his pocket without having to worry about crushing it.  Personalized for free.  $36.95 – Ships in 5 to 7 days.

5. Personalized Stainless Cigar Holder and Flask (Item Number LJDSGC154)- At first glance it looks like a double barreled cigar tube, but its not!  One side holds a cigar and the other side holds liquor of your choice.  Perfect for the after party celebrations.  Personalized for free. $30.95 – Ships in 2 to 3 days.

The Executive Groomsman

Aug 12, 2010

Personalized Executive Decision Maker & Paperweight

Personalized Executive Decision Maker & Paperweight

Sometimes, its difficult to choose what to give your wedding party for their groomsmen gifts.  For the corporate executive or the entrepreneur in your wedding party, how about giving something not only they can use, but is themed for their  profession?  Personally, as an entrepreneur myself, I wouldn’t mind receiving a gift that actually can be used by myself everyday.   Corporate gifts for the executive are a great idea for your groomsmen – practical, useful and some even fun to appeal to the kid in each of us.

Here are 5 great corporate inspired items that can double as groomsmen gifts for your wedding.

1. Personalized Executive Decision Maker & Paperweight (Item Number LRW-CORA5MK) – a sophisticated take on the Magic Eight Ball, just ask a question, spin the wheel and have a decision made for you.  A great gadget for any office.  Personalized for free.  $24 each.

2. Metropolitan Desk Organizer (Item Number LRW-LTHR130LE) – A manly desk organizer in dark black leather in a modern square cube shape.  Simply slip out the velvet lined trays to hold small items or use as coasters.  Also holds a photo and can be personalized for free. $49.95 per set.

3. Personalized Leather Desk Caddy (Item Number LJDSGC493) – The unique gently curved rounded shape of this caddy makes this an appealing corporate or groomsmen gift.  Keeps your pens and desk items in one place and avoid clutter.  Personalized for free $23.95 per caddy.

4. Personalized Executive Black Leather Business Card Case (Item Number LRW-CORAL220C) – The shape of this business card holder makes it unique and modern.  Velvet soft lining inside and free personalization makes this card case a sure fire win.  $15.95 each

5. Personalized Charging Station (Item Number LJDSGC523) – Let’s face it, in today’s world men carry around more than just one gadget with them.  And this personalized charging station will help keep all their wires and chargers in one neat place.  Great for the home or office.  Personalized for free.  $79.95

Wedding Cufflinks A Classic Groomsmen Gift

Aug 11, 2010

Secret Agent Cufflinks

Secret Agent Cufflinks - Unique Groomsmen Gift

If you are looking for classic and inexpensive groomsmen gifts, wedding cufflinks are the perfect gift to give to all the men in your wedding party.   If you would like to give all of the groomsmen the same gift it is a safe bet to go with a traditional design such as a high polished silver toned cufflink in a round, oval or square shape engraved with each groomsmen’s initials.  This will give your wedding party a polished put together look.  However, if you want to customize your groomsmen gifts you can give the guys cufflinks that reflect their own unique personality, hobby or style.

Novelty cufflinks come in a range of styles and themes sure to fit everyone on your gift giving list.  Comic book lover?  Why not buy him Superman cufflinks.  Race car fan?  Unique stick shift cufflinks will suit him well.  Art lover?  Modern art deco inspired cufflinks will look smashing both for casual and formal attire.  For the gadget, computer or action movie lover our Secret Agent cufflinks shown to the left will impress and wow him.

We recommend these Top 5 Wedding Cufflinks for Men

1. Polished Beaded Silver Cufflinks (Item Number LJDSGC202) – Traditional and classic, high polished silver cufflinks engraved with his monogram are a sophisticated choice and a top seller.  At $26 per set, these are inexpensive and personalized at no additional charge.

2. Secret Agent Cufflinks (Item Number LJDSBL800) – Make him feel like 007 with these uniquely designed cufflinks.  Unscrew this tubular cufflink and include a personal note to the recipient.  Monogrammed for free. $46 per set.

3.  Silver Knot Cufflinks with Personalized Case (Item Number LJDSGC658-SilverKnot) – Gorgeous and stunning, these will look great with tuxedos, business suits, dress attire – even casual Friday wear.  The case comes personalized for free.  $25 per set

4. Skull & Bones Cufflinks with Personalized Case (Item Number LJDSGC658-SkullBones) – A groomsmen gift with a rock n’ roll edge – skull and bones cufflinks in polished stainless accented with black eyes. Each comes packaged in an attractive personalized silver-tone case featuring the name of the recipient. Personalized for free $25 per set.

5. Wedding Party Cufflinks (Item Number LLR-JL500) – Makes a memorable groomsmen and wedding party gift. Black and silver design will match your wedding tuxedos perfectly. Come in six different versions: Best Man, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Groom, Groomsman, and Usher. $14 per set

Go Green! Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Aug 9, 2010

Every year we get more and more new favors, and this year we couldn’t help but notice that eco-friendly wedding favors are becoming more and more popular.  I personally love eco-friendly favors, because majority of them are practical…and so cute!  Here at our Little Things office, I encourage everyone to be eco-conscious—I insist on recycling, try not to waste a lot of paper or packaging materials, and recently even purchased recycled post its!  (We use so many of them anyway.)  If you even look at my favorite favors section, it says that I love eco-friendly favors, and even features a couple of my favorites, including this “Write from my Heart” Eco-Friendly Note Pad.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled to decorate our display windows this month, because we decided on an eco-friendly theme.  And yes, they came out fantastic, if I do say so myself.  The centerpiece is a green lime tree, set on a natural earth tone table cloth.  The runner is a sort of bamboo material, and green napkins are folded fan style on the plates.  Each place setting is adorned with green topiary place card holders that incorporate with the look of the centerpiece, leaf votive tea light holders, and these Tree Design Wooden Favor Boxes, which I also love.  Surrounding the table setting are a number of other eco-friendly favors, mostly in brown or green hues to match the color scheme.  If you walk by the window you’ll see a variety of bird nests, wooden birdhouses, natural fans, seed favors, and more.  These favors aren’t just cute, but they’re good for the environment, too.

There are a number of other ways to really go green with an eco-friendly wedding besides your favors.  For starters, your invitations are the first thing you’re going to choose.  Not only can you have them printed on recycled paper, but you can have them eco-friendly right down to the ink:  environmentally friendly ink is usually soy-based.  Consider recycled paper for your other paper goods, too:  place cards, save the dates, thank you cards, programs, and possibly even your menu—which can feature organic food, and even be served on organic dinnerware.  There are also plenty of organic wines to sample and choose from, too.

Even though flowers technically do grow in the ground, cut flowers are actually very toxic.  Luckily, simply by some researching, you’ll be able to find organic floral suppliers.  Another option is growing your own flowers, or maybe choosing greenery instead—that will really coordinate with your “green” wedding!  Your attire can be eco-friendly too:  if you’re looking for a light, summery dress to wear at your beach themed wedding, organic cotton is a great choice.  The hot weather isn’t for everyone, though, so if your event takes place in a cooler season, cotton may be a little too thin.  Besides cotton, other organic fabric can include hemp or bamboo.  Plus, if you’re looking for colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you can always choose dresses made with low-impact/vegetable dye.  With a little bit of research, you can also find eco-friendly wedding bands.  Mining, whether it is for gold or other gems, is actually very destructive.  So, another great idea is to favor some hand-me-downs.  If you don’t have someone to pass a ring along to you, shop around at thrift shops for older, antique rings.  You’d be surprised at the quality after a little TLC.  Not only will the rings have a vintage feel and look, but they’ll have a little more of a sentimental background.

I hope this article inspires all of you brides-to-be to consider an eco-friendly wedding, or maybe just Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors.  Happy Monday!

<3 Kelsey

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How NOT to Be a Bridezilla: 9 Helpful Tips

May 8, 2010

We’ve all seen the show, and when watching it most women might say, “I’d never act like that.”  Bossy, picky, moody, with loud, angry outbursts and everything being the bride’s way.  And why shouldn’t it be?  It’s their special day.  But there’s a big difference between being a bride and a bridezilla.  You want everything to be perfect, yes, but by becoming a demanding and over controlling woman, you tend to get on everyone’s nerves in the bridal party – as well as whoever else is helping with the wedding, and possibly even your fiancé.  So here’s some tips to avoid becoming a fire-breathing dragon, and remaining a cool, calm and collected bride-to-be.

1.  Even though this is your big day, you are not the center of the universe.  The people that are helping you also have their own lives, and not every minute of their time is going to revolve around assisting you in picking out just that right shade of lipstick, or arranging your 50 intricate centerpieces.  You have to promise yourself that you won’t become a bridezilla before promising everyone else.

2.  Prior to planning the wedding:  give your bridal party, family and fiancé permission to tell you when you’re acting over the top.  Then, actually listen to them when they tell you.

3.  Breathe.  It’s only one day of your life, and you’re planning it to be happy!  Not to lose your mind.  And yes, it only lasts one day.  Your family and friends, however, are there forever and you don’t want to push them away.

4.  Don’t act like you can handle everything.  You can’t.  Embrace everyone’s helpful offers. But don’t take advantage of them, either.  All good things in moderation.

5.  Yes, the little things do count, but you can settle for normal M&M’s rather than the ones with your picture on them that you waited too long to order.  You’ll end up giving yourself a coronary about something petty, like the fact that the marble accents in the floor of your reception hall don’t match your color scheme.

6.  De-stress.  Try boxing or hitting the gym hard to take out some anger when you want to wring your mother-in-law’s throat, or if the wedding favors you want are out of stock.  Even if you’re keeping your cool, but the stress is bottled up on the inside, you have to let it out!  Take a yoga class, get a massage, or go out for a drink with your girlfriends.

7.  Ask your fiancé for help…even if you don’t want him to.  Regardless if he says he doesn’t want to be involved with the planning, he might just be saying that to avoid doing something, and only displeasing you in the end.  He’s the last person you want to push away at this time.  If he really assures you that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything, hey, nothing lost, nothing gained.

8.  Stay practical.  You can’t ride in on an elephant with fireworks going off and doves released upon your entrance.  Or not all of it, anyway.  Not everything is going to be 100% perfect, so you have to accept that things will go wrong.  You can at least try your best to fix or change it.

9.  Try not to talk about the wedding plans after a certain time.  This also goes for thinking about the wedding plans too!  By doing this, you’re able to still have “you” time.  This also applies to your fiancé, family and friends.  You’ll also probably stay more sane by not thinking about it 24/7.

Hope this article gave everyone a little laugh.  Enjoy your weekend!  <3 Kelsey

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Is She a Flower Girl or a Junior Bridesmaid?

Apr 13, 2010

Brides will always encounter problems and issues while planning their perfect day.  Recently here in our NJ showroom we’ve noticed that a couple of brides asked us the same question.  They have a young girl between the ages of 9-11 that they would like to incorporate into their wedding, but are unsure how to place her.  Is she a flower girl, a bridesmaid, or perhaps a junior bridesmaid?

Technically the age limits for the female wedding party goes like this:

Flower Girls:  Ages 3 – 8
Junior Bridesmaids:  Ages 9 – 15
Bridesmaids:  16+

If you have a girl young enough to pose as a flower girl, then go for it!  As the tradition goes, she’ll walk down the aisle while sprinkling flower petals from a basket.  For the perfect one to coordinate with your wedding, see our Flower Girl Basket section.

If the girl is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid, she’s considered a junior bridesmaid.  She’ll be wearing the same dresses as your bridesmaids, but usually junior bridesmaids carry a smaller bouquet.  You can also use a pomander bouquet as an alternative.  A pomander bouquet is a ball of flowers carried by a ribbon.  This also works if you were really leaning toward having a flower girl in your wedding, because it will almost appear that she is holding a basket.  If you absolutely have to have petals sprinkled down the aisle, have your junior bridesmaid carry this Flower Girl Cone instead.  It isn’t exactly a basket, so you’re not following the traditional flower girl rule.

Of course, this is your big day, so anything you say goes!  You never have to follow the rules.  Check out our Silk Rose Petal section to choose the right color for you.

Happy Tuesday! <3 Kelsey

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Happy 4th Of July! Celebrate with 15% Off All Weekend

Jul 3, 2009

Personalized Coffee Packs in 68 Designs!

Personalized Coffee Packs in 68 Designs!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! With the 4th of July upon us – we would like to take a moment to honor the men and women who bravely served our country and have lost their lives serving to protect us in the line of duty.  We offer our prayers to those families who have lost loved ones in the Armed Forces.  And for those who continue to serve – we salute you and thank you for continuing to protect our freedom and independence!

To celebrate this holiday we are offering our blog readers a special discount 15% OFF your wedding favors or wedding order of $175 or more PLUS Free UPS Ground Shipping. But Hurry!  This offer won’t last for long, your 15% OFF Discount expires on Sunday July 5th, 2009 at 11:59 PM.

Use discount code: July09 to save 15% off!

And remember!  Our New Jersey Showroom features over 2,000 of our most popular wedding favors, over 30 wedding accessory collections and wedding invitations.  Plus we carry tiaras, Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts.  If you are in the Tri-State area we are conveniently located just 30 minutes from New York City, 10 Minutes from Staten Island and centrally located in NJ.

Our showroom is located at 137 Main Street, Sayreville NJ 08872.  We are open to the public on Saturdays 12-6 and weekdays by appointment only. We are opened tomorrow, July 4th until 6 PM.
Finally, if you’re on Facebook – become a fan of our page!

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Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend,

Erica, Chris and Team Little Things

“I Don’t Want Assigned Seating!”

Jun 13, 2009

"Please Be Seeded" Cherry Blossom Plantable Seed Place Cards

"Please Be Seeded" Cherry Blossom Plantable Seed Place Cards

As a wedding expert, I cringe when I hear brides (or read about them) stating that they want open seating for their reception.

Open seating is every guest’s nightmare and it also will prevent you from having a smooth flowing reception.

But hey if you’re a fan of chaos, disorganization and unhappy guests, this may be the option for you!

Putting my sarcasm aside, I would like you to think about being in a crowded cafeteria looking for your friends or searching for an open table.  It’s nearly an  impossible feat.  Or have you ever been at a table, already seated – when someone comes over and asks everyone to shift their chairs so they can fit?  It’s annoying and disrupting – especially if you are already eating.

Now think about your reception – what if you’re groom’s obnoxious fraternity brothers storm in first and snatch up the front tables leaving your grandmother to sit in the back?  What if your friends who don’t know anyone – are left to sit at a table alone?  It doesn’t make it a fun time for your guests – and your guests’ feelings should be of uptmost importance.

While some couples think open seating is fun – it’s really not.  If you leave it to chance you will have half empty tables, overcrowded tables, some guests dining with strangers and some guests dining alone.  All of which will disrupt your wedding flow and your wedding feel.

You’re guests are like sheep – they want to be led – by you! Unless you’re having a cocktail reception where there are no seats, it is in good taste to assign tables (you don’t have to assign seats, but tables are mandatory!)

If you don’t want to go through the expense of place card holders or frames – don’t.  But do splurge on inexpensive place cards (you can buy bulk packs at most craft stores for pennies).  Or you can even puchase inexpensive place cards like the cherry blossom ones above – which also double as your wedding favors.