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Unique Wedding Ideas

Choosing Your Winter Wedding Colors

Nov 17, 2011

If I was planning a wedding, I would definitely pick the winter season as my first choice.  I would also hope that it snowed on the day of my nuptials! (I think it’s so magical!) I know many of you probably think, I am crazy, but you are also talking to someone who travels to Helsinki, Finland on a yearly basis in the dead of winter.   So if you are like me and love the cold and the snow, but aren’t sure what colors to select for your winter wedding (I know light blue, white and silver are so yesterday) I have some great tips for you in my article Winter Wedding Colors and Ideas.

This blog is designed to expand on my article which instructs you to select a winter photograph and pull the colors and elements from it to design your perfect winter wedding.  If you read my article, the fourth photo is my favorite! I love the richness of color in it.  So from the photo, I have designed a Winter Wedding Color Inspiration board for you!

Winter Wedding Colors & Ideas

Winter Wedding Colors & Ideas

As you can see the top center is the photo I was working with, the 4 colors I pulled from it.  I selected David’s Bridal Horizon Blue for the bridesmaid dresses, a stunning Navy tux for the men, red roses for the aisle runner, bouquets, church decorations and wedding favors.  I’m not sure if I would go with Blue (Unknown designer) or the Red Louboutins – both are stunning! Red berries would accent the rustic centerpieces and if I could splurge on my groom I would go with a handsome navy and steel watch as his wedding gift.

So don’t be afraid to pick colors that aren’t “traditional” winter wedding colors – if you select your colors based on a natural winter themed palette, you can’t go wrong.

“Spike” Up Your Wedding with Lemonade-Inspired Drinks!

Oct 4, 2011

Your wedding doesn’t have to be in the summer for you and your guests to enjoy a nice cool glass of lemonade.  If you’re a lover of the warm-weather refresher, serve it up!  Lemonade is a classic American favorite.  You’ve heard of the coffee bar, so why not have a lemonade bar at your wedding if you love the stuff?  And you can “spike” things up by literally spiking the lemonade with alcohol!

Here are some great ways to serve up lemonade at your wedding – with a twist, of course!


Vodka with Lemonade – You don’t have to just add vodka to the lemonade.  For a stronger drink, prepare the lemonade with vodka instead of water.

Gin Bowl – One can of frozen lemonade, 12 ounces of gin and one 2 liter bottle of club soda mixed together in a bowl with ice is a tangy treat.  This drink should be made right before served!  Slice up a few lemons and limes to float on the top.

Beer & Lemonade – Known as a radler in Germany and a shandy in England, this drink is half beer, half lemonade.  Easy to make and great for the usual non-beer drinkers.

Electric Lemonade – Though there are many recipes for this one, but this is how I personally make the drink.  You can use a blender if you’d like:  combine 1 1/4 oz. vodka (Absolut Citron is the best!) with 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 2 oz. Sweet & Sour and a splash of Seven Up.  Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon slice, cherry and mint.

These alcoholic lemonade drinks will definitely be great conversation starters!  After all, when life hands you lemons…add alcohol!  Don’t forget to give your guests these lemonade mix favors to take home – they can make their very own instant lemonade, and add alcohol too (optional).

Happy drinking! <3 Kelsey

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Will E-Readers Replace Books and Libraries?

Sep 12, 2011

Call me an old lady (I’m the ripe old age of 33) but my e-reader will never replace my personal book collection, unless of course they stop printing books.  Even then, I think I would browse antique stores looking for a good book to add to my collection.  I love flipping pages of a book, I love getting lost in the story, anxiously scanning the pages.  I love the smell of books, especially old books.  I love letting my friends borrow books (even though I occasionally, never get them back).  I love picking up the copy of my copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales from 1973 which was written to me from my now deceased grandmother whom I adored.  It brings tears to my eyes and good memories every time I pick it up.   I hunted online once for my favorite childhood book, Lamont the Lonely Monster, published by Hallmark in 1970, which is now a rare collectable, and purchased it just for sentimental value.  I handed down my Strawberry Shortcake Cooking Cookbook to my son, and I loved looking though the pages and seeing my handwriting in it from when I was 6 (his age now). Books hold valuable memories, something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I have been known to go to my nearest Barnes and Noble, grab a cup of Starbucks and spend hours browsing the shelves looking for a good book.  Recently, I was in BN and staring at the “Spiritual Romance” section.  What was a “Spiritual Romance” exactly? I had no idea, but as I browsed the shelves a woman approached me also looking in the same section.  “Did you ever read any of Karen Kingsbury?” she asked me.  “No I haven’t,” I responded.  But we had a 20 minute conversation about her books.   It was a very serendipitous moment, and I wound up purchasing her book, Redemption. This type of interaction is also something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I always wanted a home library like the one in Beauty in the Beast, or the ones from Victorian Times, but since I do lean toward the modern and the contemporary, a library like the one above, in color or alphabetical order, filled with a comfy couch, blanket, my dogs, a cup of tea (and hopefully a fireplace) would be heaven to me.  There is just something so cozy and inviting about curling up to a good book.  I am sure I am not the first one to say this, and probably not the last.  Imagine a library room with no books, just a lonely e-reader on the side table.  Where is the character?

However, I do have an e-reader.  They are great to carry a few books at a time with you on vacation – especially now days when airlines have such strict weight regulations.  And of course they do cut down on the clutter of having books all over your home.  But you can’t take an e-reader with you while you are enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath, or at the beach (if you are concerned about the heat and sand), a hot tub, or pool.  While e-readers have their advantages, they still don’t stack up to a real book!

If you are a book lover like me, I’m sure you devour several books at once.  The one thing I can never get enough of are bookmarks.  If I was to get married again, I would definitely consider giving out a favorite book with a bookmark attached to a favorite passage.  Or I would use one of our bookmark favors to attach a favorite recipe or use them to hold my seating assignments.  Bookmarks are just as collectible as books, especially for bibliophiles.  Even those on your list who aren’t voracious readers will be sure to get use out of this practical and memorable favor.  I will continue to read my books and one day I hope to have my own little library in my house complete with my favorite reads, multiple bookmarks and my e-reader.

Happy reading!

- Erica

Unique Engagement Party Ideas

May 11, 2011

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

With the engagement party making a comeback, there’s tons of brides and friends and family of couples planning and thinking of ideas for engagement parties.  You need to organize your guest list, book a venue, send out invitations, and even look around for wedding favors, that can be used as your engagement party favors instead!  So with a new year, we’ve brought you some new unique engagement ideas to make your special day one of a kind.

Who needs a boring old sit down dinner anyway?  Dare to be different and host a different kind of party.  Gather your guests in a fondue restaurant and prepare yourself for a night of dipping breads and desserts into melted cheese and gooey chocolate!  Check out your area for a laid back lounge and invite your friends and family for drinks and hor-dourves (isn’t cocktail hour everyone’s favorite part?).  Or maybe you’d like to rent out your favorite cafe and create a coffee bar for a mega-caffeine fix and pastries.  Try thinking about what you and your beau like and enjoy, and plan your engagement party around it.  After all, the engagement party is a bit more intimate than the wedding and can be less formal too.

Here are some more venue ideas you may want to consider for your engagement party:


1. Museum
2. Lounge
3. Cafe/Coffee Shop
4. Vineyard
5. Farmhouse
6. Bakery
7. Aquarium
8. Historical Site
9. Picnicing Area
10. Fun, Themed Restaurants

We can’t help but notice some of you brides searching for the perfect engagement party favors.  So we decided to give you a little treat – we’re offering 20% off our engagement party favors this week.  Use coupon code Engage20 upon checkout.  For all other purchases, save 10% using Engage10.

Loving the weather!  What a perfect week for an outdoor wedding :) <3 Kelsey

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‘Tis the Season for a Winter Wedding!

Dec 8, 2010

‘Tis the season…for your winter or holiday wedding! Christmas is coming, and the girls here at Little Things can hardly keep patient! Ah, how I love the holidays: the Christmas shopping, the lights and decorations, all the yummy baking, and the cold weather (just kidding). Any how, now is the time we’re seeing last minute orders for some of our winter and holiday wedding favors. Whether it be for a wedding or holiday soiree, these seasonal favors are great for spreading Christmas spirit! Little Things Favors is the place to shop for all your winter wedding favors and holiday needs!

Are you eager to host a winter themed wedding? We’re here to help. Not only can you have your reception in the snow, but here are some other great ideas for a winter themed wedding:

1. A Winter Wonderland – Create a blizzard indoors! Not literally, of course. An all white color scheme may sound too ‘blah’ for you, but accent it with silvers and ice blues and voila–may all your winter dreams come true. Think snow! Snowflakes and glitter should NOT be avoided. Coordinate your favors to match! This ever popular Snowflake Bottle Stopper is packaged to match your snowy theme and is practical too!

2. A Very Merry Wedding – Do you love Christmas so much that you’re getting married right around the corner from it? Is your heart set on a Christmas themed wedding – complete with decorated trees and Santa Clause? A red and green color scheme is certainly the one to choose! These Metal Christmas Tree Bells will match perfectly, and are amodern twist on the traditional wedding bell. Perhaps you’d be interested in Christmas tree centerpieces adorned with red globe ornaments, lights and a star on top. The sky is the limit!

3. Cozy Cabin Wedding – Love the Christmas season and the way the snow looks when it first falls, but hate the cold weather? One of the reasons I love the colder weather and the holiday season is the fact that I can cozy up in front of a fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. If you love that too, why not have your wedding reflect that? You might want to consider a rustic, cabin-like venue and feature favors such as these Natural Vine Chairs, or Personalized Hot Cocoa in holiday designs.

4. Candy Cane Theme – Think red and white, of course! Fill up big, clear, cylinder vases with white and red Jordan Almonds, poured at an angle so you have a swirl of the two colors. Candy canes tied with personalized ribbon or mint tins will coordinate with your pepperminty theme.

Use your imagination! Like we did — this month’s display window is a trendy Christmas theme with a twist: we’ve gone hot pink and lime green! Our snowy window has a Christmas tree centerpiece decorated with pink and green ornaments with a hot pink star on top. We have tons of pink and green accessories and accents. And we have a huge, pink light-up lawn reindeer in our other window (a portion of the profit is donated to Breast Cancer!). Check out our winter wedding favors for other great holiday ideas, as well as our winter accessories and decorations! Personalized dance floor decals, unity candles, winter collections and silk snowflakes are just some of the great stuff we have in store to complete your holiday bash.

By the way, we have to congratulate Alecia on choosing her wedding date of May 6, 2012! I’m ECSTATIC! We also recently welcomed Kristi back into the office, as she was out sick for about a month. We’ve missed you!

We’re halfway to Friday! Hang in there! All my love <3 Kelsey

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Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

Oct 29, 2010

I, as well as the other girls here at Little Things, absolutely love animals.  Erica owns three Shih Tzus, I own two Shorkies (Shih Tzu / Yorkie), as well as a Pomeranian / Chihuahua, Kristi has a Yorkie, and Jessica owns a Malti-Poo.  If you’re a dog or even a cat owner, you know that they become a part of the family.  A wedding is a large celebration, and who do you invite?  Your closest friends and family, of course.  So why not have your pets be a part of the wedding too?

Wedding etiquette has certainly evolved, and today man’s best friend can turn into your best man for a day.  Or your flower “pet,” or even your ring bearer (by using this clever Pet Ring Ring Pillow).  Yes, it has become very popular for couples to incorporate their pets into their weddings!  Is your furry friend going to be standing by your side on the big day as your best man or maid of honor?  Then be sure to spruce them up in this “Best Pet” Wedding Bow.  Hey, Carrie Underwood did it!  But if you’re going the human route, instead dress them up in this wedding bandana.  This adorable keepsake bandanna states ten matter-of-fact reasons why they should have been the one standing by your side.

If your dog or cat is just attending your wedding as a guest, be sure he dresses appropriately in this pet tuxedo.  Or perhaps they’re the ones getting married–we’re not kidding around; people do send their pets up to the altar to get hitched!  You can even host your wedding ceremony or reception at a pet friendly venue for your pooch guests.  Some people may think this modern custom to be a bit on the strange side.  But here at Little Things we believe in and support true love no matter what!

Have a great weekend!  PS – Be sure to check out all our hot new wedding favors.  <3 Kelsey

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Go Green! Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Aug 9, 2010

Every year we get more and more new favors, and this year we couldn’t help but notice that eco-friendly wedding favors are becoming more and more popular.  I personally love eco-friendly favors, because majority of them are practical…and so cute!  Here at our Little Things office, I encourage everyone to be eco-conscious—I insist on recycling, try not to waste a lot of paper or packaging materials, and recently even purchased recycled post its!  (We use so many of them anyway.)  If you even look at my favorite favors section, it says that I love eco-friendly favors, and even features a couple of my favorites, including this “Write from my Heart” Eco-Friendly Note Pad.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled to decorate our display windows this month, because we decided on an eco-friendly theme.  And yes, they came out fantastic, if I do say so myself.  The centerpiece is a green lime tree, set on a natural earth tone table cloth.  The runner is a sort of bamboo material, and green napkins are folded fan style on the plates.  Each place setting is adorned with green topiary place card holders that incorporate with the look of the centerpiece, leaf votive tea light holders, and these Tree Design Wooden Favor Boxes, which I also love.  Surrounding the table setting are a number of other eco-friendly favors, mostly in brown or green hues to match the color scheme.  If you walk by the window you’ll see a variety of bird nests, wooden birdhouses, natural fans, seed favors, and more.  These favors aren’t just cute, but they’re good for the environment, too.

There are a number of other ways to really go green with an eco-friendly wedding besides your favors.  For starters, your invitations are the first thing you’re going to choose.  Not only can you have them printed on recycled paper, but you can have them eco-friendly right down to the ink:  environmentally friendly ink is usually soy-based.  Consider recycled paper for your other paper goods, too:  place cards, save the dates, thank you cards, programs, and possibly even your menu—which can feature organic food, and even be served on organic dinnerware.  There are also plenty of organic wines to sample and choose from, too.

Even though flowers technically do grow in the ground, cut flowers are actually very toxic.  Luckily, simply by some researching, you’ll be able to find organic floral suppliers.  Another option is growing your own flowers, or maybe choosing greenery instead—that will really coordinate with your “green” wedding!  Your attire can be eco-friendly too:  if you’re looking for a light, summery dress to wear at your beach themed wedding, organic cotton is a great choice.  The hot weather isn’t for everyone, though, so if your event takes place in a cooler season, cotton may be a little too thin.  Besides cotton, other organic fabric can include hemp or bamboo.  Plus, if you’re looking for colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you can always choose dresses made with low-impact/vegetable dye.  With a little bit of research, you can also find eco-friendly wedding bands.  Mining, whether it is for gold or other gems, is actually very destructive.  So, another great idea is to favor some hand-me-downs.  If you don’t have someone to pass a ring along to you, shop around at thrift shops for older, antique rings.  You’d be surprised at the quality after a little TLC.  Not only will the rings have a vintage feel and look, but they’ll have a little more of a sentimental background.

I hope this article inspires all of you brides-to-be to consider an eco-friendly wedding, or maybe just Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors.  Happy Monday!

<3 Kelsey

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“Will You Marry Me?”: 5 Great Proposal Ideas

May 5, 2010

So, it’s time to pop the question?  Well, gentlemen, we know what you’re going through.  You’re asking yourself a million and one questions – How do I ask her?  When do I ask her?  Where do I ask her?  Some guys worry that their ideas are a little too over the top, where others may think they’re being just a bit too boring.  Here are five great ways to propose perfectly.  Don’t forget to shop for  wedding favors while planning your wedding!

1.  Popular among celebrities, but only if you have an extra buck or two in your pocket:  Have a plane sky-write your proposal.  It’s costly, but you can really surprise her by just asking her to take a walk where she can see it.  You also have to remember that the weather forecast isn’t always set in stone.  On the bright side, you won’t have to worry about stuttering or accidentally sneezing in the middle of asking her.

2.   A classic idea for the sports fanatics is to propose on the big screen at a sports game.  Years back this may have been unique, but nowadays it seems so many people do it that it’s unoriginal.  You also have to remember that if you get rejected, it’s in front of thousands of people.

3.  It seems that beach weddings are becoming more and more popular, and here at Little Things we’ve noticed that our Personalized Tiger Clam Trinket Box has been cleverly engraved with “Will You Marry Me?” and used as ring boxes to propose on more than one occasion.  We couldn’t think it to be more adorable when men call us up excited and nervous to use this idea to propose.  Aw!

4.  Couples who eat Chinese food regularly out also seem to think of ways to incorporate a proposal on a night out at their favorite restaurant.  If you’re able to actually remove the fortune from inside a real cookie and stick another one in that says “Will You Marry Me?”, or just have a cookie custom made, then go for it!  For a great alternative idea, our Personalized Silver Plated Fortune Cookie Box can be engraved with the words as well, or you can even scribble it on the blank fortune paper that comes inside of it.

5.  Finally, for the ever traditional man, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your love to the first place you met, or where you had your first date to propose.  By doing this you’re assured that your proposal will be meaningful and memorable.  Of course there are a million different ways to propose, but only you will know what works best for you and what will be appreciated by your significant other.  Good luck and best wishes!

With Love <3 Kelsey

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How Many Ways Can YOU Say “I Love You?”

Apr 23, 2010

We recently had a bride come into our showroom looking for favors to coordinate with a really unique theme:  Love in 100 Languages.  She ended up choosing the Heart Shaped Love Theme Glass Coaster Favors featured in the picture to the left, each with the word “love” in English as well as a couple of other languages, and other love related words.  The ladies and I here at the office started gabbing about what a great theme idea it is, which inspired me to write this article.

Here at Little Things, love is [obviously] always the word of the day.  And not just in English, either.  Alecia, our Customer Service Manager, says “Ana Behebak” to her boyfriend.  That’s “I love you” in Arabic.  Marko, who works as our Search Engine Marketer, resides in Finland.  So coming from him, “I love you” would come as “Minä Rakastan Sinua.”  And if we ever need to say it in another language, the desk in our showroom is a glass table top with “I love you” scribbled on it in a hundred different languages.

Here’s ten different ways to say “I love you,” besides in English, and the other two languages featured above:

  1. Spanish – Te Amo / Te Quiero
  2. French – Je t’aime
  3. Polish – Kocham Ciebie
  4. Slovak – Lu`bim ta
  5. Gaelic – Ta gra agam ort
  6. Icelandic – Eg elska tig
  7. Chinese – Ngo oiy ney a
  8. Greek – S’agapo
  9. Hawaiian – Aloha Au Ia`oe
  10. Filipino – Mahal kita

A great idea to go with this theme would be branding each table as a different language/country.  You could use these Amor Glass Coasters or Asian Coasters, and also visit our Irish Theme Section for other great ideas.  Of course, we have many more favors available to incorporate with any theme at our website

TGIF!  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Lots of love! <3 Kelsey

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Napkins That Will Stand Up For You!

Jun 11, 2009

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

Unique Bridal Cocktail Napkins

It’s A Napkin and it stands up!  It’s useful and is serves as pretty table decor.  And I couldn’t be more excited to show these unique wedding napkins off to you!  These are innovated little naps, folded just perfectly into a shape which stands up.

With chic, modern designs and made in the USA of recycled materials and printed with all natural soy based inks – this eco-friendly product is not only trendy but instyle as well!

Simply place one at each place setting for unique (and inexpensive) table decor.  Each napkin stands 6.5″ tall.

And we have designs for cocktail parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, wine themed events, holidays and more!

These napkins were the 2009 Winner of the NY National Stationary show for best new design and received the Top 10 New Product Award in Canada.

Love to entertain?  Having a Birthday Party?  We have themed napkins for you as well.  Whether you are celebrating a wedding or a 1st Birthday – these fun designs are sure to fit in with your decor and theme.

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Unique Wedding Theme Napkins (In Pink or Blue)

Shown here are our Chic Cocktail and Wine Theme Napkins and our Bride & Groom Wedding Napkins which I was first drawn too.  The cocktail napkins remind me of something Sex and The City – very modern, hip and chic.  I was handed one of the bride and groom napkins as a “take home” sample” from the NY Stationary show last month and it has been propped up on my office desk.  She’s really pretty in her blue dress and is perfect for that “something blue” touch or as bridal shower decor.

And since these napkins are so eco-friendly – I just had to add them to our Little Things product line!  I’m a sucker for eco-chic products – I love all natural designs and earth friendly materials.

And I adore the fact that this product is made in the good ‘ol USA.  I love buying domestic and supporting our families and our economy here at home.

The office is a bit hectic today – so I bid you farewell until next time!

~ Erica :)