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How Did You Know He Was “The One?”

Dec 17, 2012

Last week we asked our Facebook fans to answer the question, “How Did You Know He Was ‘The One’?”  This question was floating around our office earlier in the week because we are coming close to two office weddings this year (one in January and one in September) and I just made the jump to living with my boyfriend – and I was curious to hear from other real life couples who have also experienced that magical moment when you just knew – he was “The One”!

The story of my beau and I date back …  20 or so years ago, I had met him working at my first job – we both worked at a local McDonald’s.  It was the summer of 1993 – I was entering my senior year in high school and he was going into college.  I thought he was adorable and funny – but I knew that jocks didn’t date artists.  Instead, I wound up dating one of his friends, and well, that took him off the list of guys I could date.  Over the years, I heard updates about him through mutual friends, but we never re-connected – until February of 2012 when he messaged me on Facebook to catch up and within a few hours of talking we had plans to meet the very next day!  We went to a local Cuban restaurant and spent the night talking – not just a few hours, but all night – we even closed down the restaurant!  A few days later, I was leaving to go on an vacation with my son and my plane was delayed.  It was Valentine’s day.  He left work early and drove to the airport to take us to dinner.  After dinner, he bought a single red rose and handed it to my son and told him to give it to me for Valentine’s day.  I knew at that moment he was the one and I wasn’t going to let him get away from me for a second time … it was probably the sweetest and most romantic thing a guy had done for me my entire life!

I’d like to thank all our Facebook fans for sharing such amazing love stories with us!

While we’d love to choose all of you as the winner, the winner of this contest is:

Congrats to:

Michelle Santo, Cleveland Ohio

I have known my husband my whole life!! We grew up in the same neighborhood and my brother played little league with him!! He had a brother as well who always said the two of us would end up together. I was very close with his brother who unfortunately is no longer with us today but I know is very happy watching over us and our little one!!! Kevin and I have always been friends but one night he asked me to a wedding and I didn’t think he was serious (we were at a bar) so the next day he called and asked me again and I said yes. We had a great time (he was the best man) I knew alot of the people who were there so it was a lot fun!!! At the end of the night we ended up sharing the most amazing unexpected kiss and from that moment on I knew one of my friends was going to become my husband and my best friend. He was right under my nose my whole life and I never knew it!!!! We were married in two feet of snow (2 days before the wedding it was 70! Gotta love OH) on 4/23/2005 and with every passing year out loves grows stronger and stronger.

Michelle, please send us an email to to claim your $50 gift certificate to or

Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate too?  Join us every week on our Facebook page as we ask a question about love, romance and marriage.  Just comment on the weekly contest photo to be entered to win!

Top Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Nov 15, 2012

Did you know here at Little Things we offer a large selection of bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts? Well, we do, and many of them make great holiday gifts for everyone on your shopping list too! We’ve gathered some of our top, best selling gifts that we think are perfect for those special girls and guys you need to buy for this year. The best part? Most of them can be personalized for free, and they’re also affordable for most budgets!


Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament

Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament

What’s our best suggestion when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts for mom? Give her anything that you can put photos inside of! She’ll absolutely adore our Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament – insert her favorite picture of you and your family before wrapping it up so she can hang it on the tree right after she opens it.

Top 5 Gifts for Mom

Monogrammed Red Wine Glass Set (Set of 4)

Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament

Personalized Oil & Vinegar Cruet Bottles – no longer available

Plush Hooded Spa Robe

Square Glass Photo Vase

Beaded Silver Plated Jewelry Box

Beaded Silver Plated Jewelry Box

You know her best, so you know exactly what she wants as a present! But if you’re stumped in the least bit, consider a simple and lovely keepsake gift like our best selling Beaded Silver Plated Jewelry Box.

Top 5 Gifts for Sisters

Personalized Close-at-Hand Purse Hook – no longer available

Beaded Silver Plated Jewelry Box

Personalized Beaded Silver Picture Frames

Embroidered Pashminas

Personalized Flip Flops

Personalized Souvenir Shot Glasses

Personalized Souvenir Shot Glasses

Best gals take the world by storm together, so if you two are the duo always out for a night on the town you should give her something that reflects your fabulous party lifestyle, such as a trendy flask or our Personalized Souvenir Shot Glasses.

Top 5 Gifts for Friends

Personalized Pink Glitter Flask

Striped Canvas Tote Bag

Personalized Souvenir Shot Glasses – no longer available

Engraved Key to my Heart Keychain – no longer available

Dupioni Silk Cosmetic Bags – no longer available

Premium Cigar Humidor with Hydrometer and Humidifier

Premium Cigar Humidor with Hydrometer and Humidifier

Here at Little Things, we know that dads come in all shapes and sizes and love to do different things! Yours may love to throw some burgers on the grill, others may enjoy a game of golf or lounging around smoking his favorite cigar. Whatever he enjoys doing, we have a great selection of Christmas gifts for dad where you’re sure to find the perfect gift for him.

Top 5 Gifts for Dad

Personalized 11 pc. Backyard BBQ Grill Set

Personalized Stainless Steel Thermos – no longer available

Stainless Steel Multi-Function Golf Tool

Premium Cigar Humidor with Hydrometer and Humidifier – no longer available

Personalized Glass Tumblers (Set of 4)



Custom Beer Flight Sampler With Pilsner Glasses

Custom Beer Flight Sampler With Pilsner Glasses

You may not get along that great all the time, but he’s still your brother after all. Whether he’s the college frat-boy partier, an avid football fan who tailgates every single game or more of a low-key kind of guy, we’re sure we have the gift to match his unique personality.

Top 5 Gifts for Brothers

Personalized Zippo Hand Warmer

Personalized Beer Cooler

Personalized Mirror Stainless Steel Flask

Custom Beer Flight Sampler With Pilsner Glasses

Personalized Canvas Travel Bag

Mr. Beer with Personalized Pub Glass Set

Mr. Beer with Personalized Pub Glass Set

If you’re really looking for a one of a kind gift that’s sure to impress, be sure to check out our unique selection of gifts for him where you’ll find cool stuff like our Mr. Beer Kit which will allow him to create his very own beer. You’ll be rewarded as girlfriend of the year!

Top 5 Gifts for Boyfriends

Tailgate Dispenser Cooler

Bottle Opener Keychain – no longer available

Mr. Beer with Personalized Pub Glass Set – no longer available

Personalized Multi-Tool with Flashlight – no longer available

Personalized iPad Case – no longer available


Personalized Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder

Personalized Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder

Don’t forget about the party planner – she went out of her way to make the holidays happen! For the hostess, you can’t go wrong with giving her a gift for the home, such as our Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder, perhaps along with a bottle of her favorite brand of Merlot or Chardonnay.

Top 5 Hostess Gifts

Heart Shaped Fondue Set – no longer available

Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder

Flower Bouquet Reception Vase Holder – no longer available

Monogram Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Personalized Felicity Cheerful Monogram Pillow Case – no longer available


Diamond Shaped Paperweight

Diamond Shaped Paperweight

Shopping for teachers’ gifts can be a bit tricky, especially when you don’t know her too well! The easiest route is to choose a gift that you know she can use on her desk or in the classroom, such as a useful paperweight or a little trinket tray for holding paperclips, thumbtacks and other small items.

Top 5 Gifts for Teachers

Diamond Shaped Paperweight (Can be Engraved)

Premier Pen with Swarovski Crystals – no longer available

Personalized Sweetheart Silver Plated Compact Mirror – no longer available

Personalized Leather Trinket & Coin Tray – no longer available

Personalized Elegant Silver Picture Frames

Personalized Hot Cocoa Holiday Party Favors

Personalized Hot Cocoa Holiday Party Favors

Wish your guests a very Merry Christmas and send them home from your holiday party with a memorable favor. Our Ornament Design Brownie Pops are absolutely delectable, and our Personalized Hot Cocoa Holiday Party Favors will have each and every guest reminiscing on the good times as they sip their single serving from a mug!

Top 5 Holiday Party Favors

Assorted Holiday Lip Balm Favors – no longer available

Crystal Snowflake Design Wine Stopper Favors

Personalized Hot Cocoa Holiday Party Favors

Fabulous Ornament Design Brownie Pops

Personalized Holiday Cocktail Shaker Favors

Check back on our website for our upcoming Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales for super savings on your holiday shopping!

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Wedding Planning Step 3: Selecting Your Wedding Venue

Nov 13, 2012

Michael Anthony's, Jersey City, NJ

Michael Anthony’s, Jersey City, NJ

Hello my fellow brides-to-be! So you’ve celebrated your engagement with your family and friends – what’s next? Selecting for the perfect venue for your special day! Choosing your wedding venue is one of the first and most important steps in the wedding planning process. Steve and I have chosen the Michael Anthony’s, located in the Newport section of Jersey City. Located right near the Hudson River, our venue offers stunning views of the New York City skyline (and even a glimpse of my favorite building in NYC, the Chrysler building!) There is also a perfect view of the new One World Trade Center building that is still under construction, but always lit up in bright, beautiful lights. The restaurant itself has a modern touch, with exposed brick walls and large windows. Steve and I decided early on that we wanted a wedding venue that was out of the ordinary, but also reflected our personal style. Before you begin your search, there are several important factors you should consider.

First, and most importantly, you must decide on your wedding budget.  Will you and your fiancé be footing the bill? Will you receive help from your parents in any way? Once you have determined how much you are able to spend, you will be able to search for venues that will fit your budget.

Next, you should determine how many guests you plan to invite. This will help you narrow down the venues that will be able to accommodate the size of your wedding. You may also want to consider the fact that many venues have guest minimums for certain days. For example, Saturday is the most desirable day to have a wedding, and will require a higher minimum of guests. Fridays and Sundays will usually have a lower minimum guest requirement, as the availability will be greater for these days.

Now that the budget and amount of guests have been decided, you and your fiancé can discuss what you both envision for your special day. Do you plan on having a religious ceremony? Or are you looking for a venue that can also accommodate your ceremony? Also, do you have any particular theme in mind? Some of the most popular wedding venues/themes right now are the rustic wedding (think vintage-style barn or farm), a summertime beach wedding, a modern-style wedding (in a loft or re-purposed warehouse), and the always popular destination wedding. Ballrooms and banquet facilities are also excellent options, and can be found in any location. These venues can be blank slates that you can decorate and enhance. And don’t forget about up-lighting!  Something so simple can make all the difference in the overall look of your wedding venue.

Once you have found some wedding venues that suit your style, you can start visiting them to get a first-hand look of what they have to offer – and be sure to bring your camera! I must admit when Steve and I began visiting wedding venues, we were a little discouraged at first. I felt like we would never find a venue that would fit all of our needs, because each one had its pros and cons. The first venue we visited, a modern loft space, had an odd layout, and would not be able to comfortably accommodate the amount of guests we planned to invite. The second venue we visited was a beautiful re-purposed warehouse, but it did not have ample parking for our guests. You may come across similar bumps in the road, but don’t give up hope!

Here are a few questions to keep in mind once you have chosen that perfect wedding venue:

-Do you have to choose an outside caterer, or do they provide on-site catering services?

-Would you have to supply your own alcohol, or do they offer packages that include this?

-Do they have any wedding decorations (centerpieces, etc.) that you would be able to use for your reception? If so, is there any additional set-up fee if you choose to use them?

-Do they provide linens and chairs or if you will have to rent these from an outside vendor?

-Would you be able to hold your rehearsal at the venue prior to your wedding day (if you choose to have your ceremony/reception at the same location)?

-Are there any restrictions with the space (for example: no confetti, etc.)

-Is there a cake cutting fee? (some venues will add on an additional fee per person for cutting and serving your wedding cake)

-Is there a contingency plan? (should there be inclement weather, and your ceremony was to take place outside)

Do you have any other helpful tips to offer our fellow brides-to-be who are still searching for their perfect wedding venue? I’d love to hear them!

And if you’re still planning, or just beginning to plan your wedding, be sure to check out our wedding planning tips

All the best,


Our Founder, In The Media

Nov 8, 2012

Erica’s been getting some media love lately and we’d like to share the press!

Fairground Media, Erica weighed in on the topic of Should You Pay For Advertising on Websites + Blogs – given Little Things has tested and re-tested so many advertising methods online, Erica had much to say!  For those fellow websites and bloggers, she’d love to hear your unique experiences in regards to your experience with online advertising.

YFSEntrepreneur (Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed) has also done a featured Entrepreneur profile on Erica and how she formed our company, Little Things Favors.  Want to see what it takes?  Check out the article: Entrepreneur, Erica Tevis Finds Big Success In One-Stop Shop Wedding Website, Little Things Favors

And finally, one of our favorite vendors of personalized event favors, Event Blossom, did a Q & A session with Erica about the business., which you can read here: Quick Q & A with Little Things Favors

Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath in Our Town

Nov 5, 2012

To Our Customers and Friends,

First of all we hope that everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and sound.

Many of you may not know, but our offices and most of our employees homes are located in Sayreville, NJ or the surrounding towns.  We lost power Monday night as Sandy hit and our offices were without power until last night.  Our area runs along the Raritan River and many of our friends and family members have completely lost homes and and have been displaced by the storm.  Our schools are shut down until November 13, as more than 1/2 of Sayreville remains without power. We are thankful and grateful to the Alabama Power Company who has been here in Sayreville helping our power company restore power.

If you would like to see some of the devastation that has happened to our small town, here is a video provided by the NJ Star Ledger and

Sayreville coping with serious flood damage, no power

Despite the hurricane, we moved one of our computers to a friend’s house in New York last week who had power and we were working diligently around the clock to try and answer your emails, live chats and process your orders.  It was a slow process, but we did the best we could under the circumstances.

At this time, we have power restored to our offices and we are fully operational again.  We are taking orders.  We are shipping again. All of our computers are up and running, our warehouses are shipping and we are here to answer your questions and help you anyway we can.

All orders will be shipping as fast as humanly possible.  As I write this, our warehouses have been open all weekend long trying to catch up and all orders will go out ASAP.  We thank you for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes that we have received during this time.

We have been in contact with the American Red Cross to set up a fundraising campaign.  We are awaiting their response to see if they will accept us and allow us to sponsor a fundraising drive.  We will offer 5% off all orders and we will donate 5% of the orders who use the coupon to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to the Red Cross.  As soon as we receive a response from the Red Cross we will let you know.

Our offices are located at 137 Main Street in Sayreville, NJ.  Anyone in the area who has been affected by the Hurricane and is still without power is welcome to come here, warm up and charge their electronics.  We wish we could help more!

It amazes me that in times of natural disasters, how we Americans ban together to help each other.  I am overwhelmed by our local situation and I am thankful and appreciate all the help that people from out of state have done to help not only our community, but everyone affected by Sandy.  We will rebuild!

Stay strong, stay safe.  We will continue to update our Facebook page and this blog in the coming days.  In the meantime we ask that you be patient with us as New Jersey, New York and the entire East Coast recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy.

If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let us know.

All the best,

Erica Tevis,


Dear Bridezilla: Reponse to the Viral Crazy Email

Oct 5, 2012

If you’re somebody who’s up to date on social media (or just opened up Yahoo! today and saw the latest news like we did here) you may have seen this:  Bridezilla’s Crazy Email to Bridesmaids Goes Viral.

The email was sent anonymously to Gawker (you can find their article and the letter in its entirety here) and is a legitimate note sent from a bride to her 10 potential bridesmaids. In the lengthy email she lets the girls know what she will be expecting of them if they agree to be in her wedding party, and if not…”see ya!”

All of us here at Little Things read the actual letter from the bride, as well as Gawker’s post and commentary on it (which is absolutely hilarious, by the way) and then began to discuss the audacity of the bride. Not only do we work in the bridal industry, but Kristi will be getting married next fall and all of us have been asked to be in a wedding at some point. So, we started wondering, did this bride have the grounds to send such a ballsy email?

My personal answer is no. When asked to be in a wedding – especially as a bridesmaid rather than a groomsmen – the first thing anyone should be aware of are the expenses. In true tradition, a bridesmaid is required to pay for her dress and alterations, shoes, accessories and hair/makeup, and chip in for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Oh, and don’t forget about gifts and like in this case, any hotel stays and flights if you have to travel. So it was quite rude of her to shove it in the girls’ faces first thing:  “Also if money is tight and you can’t afford to contribute to say the bachelorette party or won’t be able to afford a dress etc, then [we] don’t have time to deal with that, I’m sorry.”

This bride went a little too far. If she’s close enough with these women to ask them to be in her wedding, does she really have to be so harsh about her demands and expectations? I understand that a wedding is usually a once in a lifetime thing, you’re never able to do it twice, blah blah blah, but come on! I’m no interventionist, but bridezillas need to come to the realization that the world and other people’s lives will not stop for the wedding. She must have some sort of stable relationship with the bridesmaids-to-be, so shouldn’t she trust them enough to evaluate their personal lives and financial situations, therefore making the “right” decision of being in her wedding or not? Or even feel somewhat assured that anyone who does agree to be in the party is doing so because they value their friendship and will do all that they can to be a “perfect” bridesmaid? With that being said, shouldn’t one of these girls have turned around and literally and/or figuratively slapped this bride in the face after they received that email? Because I certainly would have. On the other hand, at least the bride was blunt about the whole thing and pretty much gave the girls fair warning. If that’s how she’s acting almost a year before her wedding, imagine what she’ll be like a month before.

All in all, if you’re a bride-to-be, be considerate of your bridesmaids. Even though it’s your special day, keep in mind that they’re not only dedicating their time and money to help make it completely special, but maintaining their patience and trying to keep their sanity.  That’s what the point of bridesmaids gifts are, to thank them for all that they’ve done!

Have a great weekend!

- Kelsey

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Have You Seen The All New

Aug 13, 2012

Have you seen our all new, totally redesigned website?  We re-launched just a few days ago and we are happy to bring you a totally updated look and feel to our site! We have made the following improvements for you:

Easier way to narrow down your choices, with a simple and intuitive sorting system within every page, just click on your price range or color or theme or specialized ways to shop.

Our Navigation has moved from the left side to the top, just hover over any area for a full drop down menu – no more scrolling down the page to find things!

We’ve become more “social” with easier social networking buttons in every item, its now just a click away to share your finds on pinterest, facebook, twitter and more!

We have a fun interactive “Scratch & Save” sale currently going on.  Simply shop any item in our store, scratch off the “lotto” like coupon and get instant savings of 5-20% off your order.  Hurry and shop soon, our Scratch & Save sale won’t last long!

Shop at: Little Things Favors today!

Will E-Readers Replace Books and Libraries?

Sep 12, 2011

Call me an old lady (I’m the ripe old age of 33) but my e-reader will never replace my personal book collection, unless of course they stop printing books.  Even then, I think I would browse antique stores looking for a good book to add to my collection.  I love flipping pages of a book, I love getting lost in the story, anxiously scanning the pages.  I love the smell of books, especially old books.  I love letting my friends borrow books (even though I occasionally, never get them back).  I love picking up the copy of my copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales from 1973 which was written to me from my now deceased grandmother whom I adored.  It brings tears to my eyes and good memories every time I pick it up.   I hunted online once for my favorite childhood book, Lamont the Lonely Monster, published by Hallmark in 1970, which is now a rare collectable, and purchased it just for sentimental value.  I handed down my Strawberry Shortcake Cooking Cookbook to my son, and I loved looking though the pages and seeing my handwriting in it from when I was 6 (his age now). Books hold valuable memories, something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I have been known to go to my nearest Barnes and Noble, grab a cup of Starbucks and spend hours browsing the shelves looking for a good book.  Recently, I was in BN and staring at the “Spiritual Romance” section.  What was a “Spiritual Romance” exactly? I had no idea, but as I browsed the shelves a woman approached me also looking in the same section.  “Did you ever read any of Karen Kingsbury?” she asked me.  “No I haven’t,” I responded.  But we had a 20 minute conversation about her books.   It was a very serendipitous moment, and I wound up purchasing her book, Redemption. This type of interaction is also something that an e-reader will never be able to replace.

I always wanted a home library like the one in Beauty in the Beast, or the ones from Victorian Times, but since I do lean toward the modern and the contemporary, a library like the one above, in color or alphabetical order, filled with a comfy couch, blanket, my dogs, a cup of tea (and hopefully a fireplace) would be heaven to me.  There is just something so cozy and inviting about curling up to a good book.  I am sure I am not the first one to say this, and probably not the last.  Imagine a library room with no books, just a lonely e-reader on the side table.  Where is the character?

However, I do have an e-reader.  They are great to carry a few books at a time with you on vacation – especially now days when airlines have such strict weight regulations.  And of course they do cut down on the clutter of having books all over your home.  But you can’t take an e-reader with you while you are enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath, or at the beach (if you are concerned about the heat and sand), a hot tub, or pool.  While e-readers have their advantages, they still don’t stack up to a real book!

If you are a book lover like me, I’m sure you devour several books at once.  The one thing I can never get enough of are bookmarks.  If I was to get married again, I would definitely consider giving out a favorite book with a bookmark attached to a favorite passage.  Or I would use one of our bookmark favors to attach a favorite recipe or use them to hold my seating assignments.  Bookmarks are just as collectible as books, especially for bibliophiles.  Even those on your list who aren’t voracious readers will be sure to get use out of this practical and memorable favor.  I will continue to read my books and one day I hope to have my own little library in my house complete with my favorite reads, multiple bookmarks and my e-reader.

Happy reading!

- Erica

What’s New at Little Things

Jun 15, 2011

It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged, but we’ve been busy little beavers here at Little Things, with busy wedding season rolling in and all.  I would imagine Team Little Things preparing for busy wedding season compares to Santa & his elves preparing for Christmas, but instead of making toys and wrapping presents, we’re trying to spruce up our site and showroom, and get as many new wedding favors out there as we can.  If you’ve been shopping our site often and paying close attention, you may notice some things we’re trying out to not only make the wedding experience more fun for you brides, but overall, more efficient.

Here’s some new things that have been going on at Little Things lately:

Weekly Deals & Steals – Every week, we change our promotion.  Most of the time you’ll find a 20% discount off a specific section on our site, or just a 10% site wide coupon, but this week we’re running an extra special list of coupons to choose from in honor of our 8th anniversary.  Check out the site to find out more!

Facebook Giveaways – If you haven’t done it already, go “like” us on Facebook!  By doing so, you’ll see a giveaway every Wednesday for one lucky bride.  Our prizes range from anything like tiaras to full blown wedding collections.  All you have to do is comment on the post and wait 24 hours until we pick a winner.

Squidoo Lens of the Day – Nikita tries to posts lenses as often as she can, most of the time focusing on a specific wedding theme and recommending a bunch of fun ideas and wedding favors to incorporate with that theme.

Best Sellers & New Arrivals – We just updated both of these sections:  if you’re shopping our best sellers, you’ll find that these are the most up-to-date and trending items right now.  Our new arrivals section (for both favors and accessories) have also been cut down, considering all those pages were probably a little overwhelming.  So this is completely beneficial for your brides who like to be in the know of what’s hot.

International Shipping - Though we partnered with Bongo International quite a while ago now, it seems that more brides from all over the world are shopping our site.  We used to be limited to which countries we could ship to, but this new partnership has allowed us to ship pretty much anywhere, and is much safer for everyone involved.  Check out the banner of flags at the bottom of our website for more details.

Beverage Wedding Favors - A lot of our beverage favors, like personalized hot cocoa, lemonade, and coffee (basically any of those with item code prefix LDD, excluding honey jars) now have tier pricing available – which means the more you order, the cheaper it gets.  And for these particular items, you now have the option of paying a small extra fee to get them shipped assembled (that means no more slaving away and sticking labels on your favors).  These items also ship out fairly quickly, so if you’re in a bind, feel free to call us so we can try to accommodate your needs.

I’m trying to get all that needs to be done on the site taken care of, so I can go back to blogging regularly.  I miss it!

Hope all is well with all our readers.  <3 Kelsey

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Little Things Celebrates Alecia’s Engagement Party

Nov 15, 2010

Yesterday was certainly a day to celebrate! All of the Little Things employees attended Alecia’s engagement party on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at the Harvest Bistro in Closter, NJ. The party was any bride-to-be’s dream: Alecia chose an autumn theme, which coordinated perfectly with the rustic setting of the restaurant. Walking in, guests were greeted by birch trees and a tremendous stone fireplace. Wrought iron candle holders with leaf accents and mini orange pumpkins were at the center of each table, and autumn leaves were scattered around the centerpieces. Even the cake was designed to match: the three-tiered delicacy was accented with fondant leaves falling down the tiers; and inside was chocolate, buttercream and dolce de leche. Additionally , there was a chocolate fountain with assorted dipping items such as strawberries, bananas, apples, brownies, homemade marshmallow, pound cake, and pretzel rods. The food was absolutely delicious as well. Guests had their choice of Caesar salad, assorted fresh fruit, hot turkey, a pasta station, Belgian waffles, French Toast, potatoes gratin, and green beans. Yum!

Of course, Alecia featured some of our wedding favors and accessories at her bash. Our Fall Wedding Custom Banner was hung above the fireplace (though it fell shortly after and was then moved to a tree). She also used our Personally Yours Guest Book in ivory (she’s saving the ring pillow for the wedding), and these “Fall for Love” Leaf Magnets as her place cards. Unfortunately the glass leaf candle votive she used for her engagement party favor was discontinued, but the favors were beautifully wrapped in a beige paper, a brown ribbon, and finished off with these Personalized Square Theme Labels in the tree design. Finally, she toasted and sliced the cake with our elegant Venice Gold toasting flutes and serving set.

We can all definitely say that Alecia’s party could not have been any better, and the warm, autumn theme had us “falling in love!” Congratulations, Alecia! You looked absolutely beautiful and we hope you had a great time. We wish nothing but the best for you and Marten. We can’t wait to start planning the wedding!

Enjoy your week! <3 Kelsey

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