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Affordable Cake Toppers for Low-Budgets

Oct 5, 2010

With the economy the way it is, it’s no surprise that people are trying to cut back and save money. Though no matter how bad the economy is, it sure doesn’t stop couples from saying “I do!” But Little Things Favors understands that times are tough, and that’s why we have a low price guarantee, and try to make navigation easier for you by organizing our cheaper items for you.

Wedding cake toppers are among the most popular of wedding accessories, and we’ve narrowed down our lowest priced ones in our Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers section. Though our porcelain, hand painted couple cake toppers are favorites with brides, they’re a lot pricier than one constructed of resin.  So when brides come in on a budget, we know exactly which ones to recommend to them. Here are our top five picks:

1. Personalized Acrylic Heart Cake Top – (shown left) At only $25.00 with personalization included, you can’t go wrong with this popular piece. The acrylic is clean and clear, and two hearts float just above your names & event date. Personalize it with an interlocking script monogram as an alternative.

2. Photo Wedding Cake Topper - The perfect way to reflect your personalities and the two of you together–the two of you literally on top of the cake! This makes a great keepsake post wedding, as it’s a photo holder.

3. Porcelain Interlocking Heart Cake Topper – The perfect recommendation for last minute ordering–we can ship this out either the same or next day after the order is placed. At only $12.00, it’s affordable and fast.

4. Kissing, Dancing, or HoldingCouple – Each are $25.00, and ship out fairly quickly. The sleek design is perfect for the modern couple. Made of resin; a great price for the fine quality.

5. Love’s Embrace Wedding Cake Top – This doesn’t have to necessarily match a calla lily theme; the calla lilies are a nice accent on this modernized cake topper. Only $22.90.

Wedding cake toppers are the most popular wedding accessory on the market. Check out our site for our wide variety of them and wedding favors.

Rain, rain, go away… :( It’s a dreary Tuesday here @ Little Things. Still, all my love! <3 Kelsey

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Unity Candles and More

Sep 29, 2010

One of the biggest events that takes place in the wedding ceremony is the unity candle lighting. First, two taper candles are lit by a representative from each side of the family (typically the mothers of the bride and the groom). The taper lighting symbolizes the love from each side of the family. Then, the bride and groom each take a taper and simultaneously light the unity candle. This represents not only the joining of the bride and groom, but the combining of the love from the two families. A lot of the time the tapers remain burning after the ceremony, as the love within the two families for each other is still in tact. Or if the ceremony was simply done to unite the bride and the groom, the tapers are blown out after the two have come together.

Whatever the case may be, we have a great selection of unity candles to choose from. Our most popular are monogrammed or personalized candles. This Elegance Unity Candle is available with a monogram initial in the background of the two first names and event date. The monogram is also available in eight different colors. Another popular piece is our Unity Sand Shadow Box Set. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies or destination weddings, this keepsake kit includes everything you’ll need to create a memorable unity ceremony, as well as provide your home with a unique piece of decorative home decor after!

We even have candles to suit specific themes. Perhaps you’re having a fairytale themed wedding and want something to really coordinate with your decorations. If so, we have a unity candle in the shape of a fairytale coach. If you’re hosting a fall or winter wedding, we have the candles to match that too. Even if you’re going green and having an environmentally friendly wedding, we have these Sparkling Eco-Friendly All Natural Beeswax Unity Candles. Each candle is available in five different colors (gold, chocolate, white, pink or platinum), and are the perfect touch to your wedding if you’re looking for something that sparkles! The candles are hand rolled and made of 100% natural beeswax. Not only are they not harmful to Mother Nature, but they burn cleaner and longer than a traditional unity candle.

We also have a small selection of unity candle holders to purchase if you’re looking to fashionably display your candles. Some of them are one piece, others are three pieces. Yet each has a large stand to hold the unity candle, and two to hold the tapers. The great quality of the holders makes a great keepsake if you’re planning on saving the candle for years to come.

Sometimes the church or venue does not permit the lighting of candles. If this is the case and your heart is set on having a unity candle ceremony, why not use a sand ceremony set instead? Not only is a sand set safer and better for the environment, but it also serves as a better keepsake. Our favorite and most popular is this 4pc. Sand Ceremony Unity Set. Use it the same way you would a unity candle–rather than using two tapers to light the unity candle, pour the sand from the smaller vases into the larger one. Voila!

We’re halfway to the weekend! Check out our website for new wedding favors, and our deal of the day!

<3 Kelsey

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Little Things is Saving the TaTas!

Sep 28, 2010

Little Things is proud to announce that we are now supporting breast cancer awareness more than ever! We now have an entire section devoted to Pink Ribbon Merchandise that’s chock full of trendy gifts and products. By purchasing one of these items, you’re not only buying something to give to your guests, a friend, or yourself, but you’re also giving back to someone in need.

Buy one of these items during the month of October and we’ll donate 5% of the sale towards Breast Cancer Research. For the rest of the year, not only will we continue to donate a percentage of our profits, but the manufacturers of the items will, too.

Save 5% only in October by using the coupon code: ThinkPink upon checkout. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the great items we have in store for you:

1. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Aluminum Water Bottle – Supporting breast cancer and the environment? We love it! Tote it to the gym, work, school, where ever!

2. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Organic Lip Balm – These lip balms are fantastic to begin with, and now they just got even better. We love the organic product; it really makes your lips deliciously soft and kissable.

3. “In Favor of a Cure” Pink Ribbon Plantable Wildflower Favors (Set of 12) – A best seller, and why shouldn’t it be? Cute, practical, eco-friendly and saves lives? It’s perfect! Let your guests know that you support with this great favor. Plant them and watch beautiful wildflowers grow.

4. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Filled Mint Tins – For such a small favor, it sure helps a lot! Not only is this adorable, tiny tin filled with yummy candy (that’s also pink to match!), but a portion of the profit is donated. And your guests can save it afterward and use the tin to hold little knickknacks such as paperclips, thumbtacks, pills and more. A perfect way to remind them to support as well!

5. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer 3pc Terry Cloth Cosmetic Bags – This set of three is great for traveling or just to store some stuff in your bathroom. Each is made of white terry cloth with pink trim and a pink breast cancer ribbon detail.

Be sure to check out the rest of our section for other great items such as makeup bags, totes, hand sanitizer, and more! We love every single one of them: the fact that they’re cute, stylish, and of course…PINK!  They make great gifts, and some are perfect wedding favors.

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…

Happy Birthday, Erica! Today is the birthday of Erica, owner & founder of Little Things! With balloons, streamers, balloons, an edible arrangement and chocolate cake waiting for her, we hope this is one of the best birthdays she’s ever had!

All my love <3 Kelsey

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Go Green With Your Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Sep 10, 2010

In the spirit of of “going green,” here at Little Things we try to help the environment in any way we can. We’ve come a long way from our days of being wasteful: today, we recycle all of our bottles, cans, and cardboard, use environmentally friendly products such as recycled Post Its and other paper goods, make donations to Carbon Fund, and of course, feature eco-friendly wedding favors!

It’s been a big year for eco-friendly weddings and favors. Brides and grooms everywhere are planning green weddings by giving out not only eco-friendly wedding favors, but serving organic food and wine, wearing attire made from organic fabrics and dyes, looking for venues with minimal electricity and much more. So if you’re one of these wonderful men or women, why not go green when giving out gifts to your wedding party, too? We offer a small selection of green bridesmaids’ gifts for you to choose from.

Visit the section to browse through bags and totes constructed from organic material, such as hemp. Items like our Jute Bags include easy to hold bamboo handles. Consider a trendy tote, backpack, cooler, or wine bag for your bridesmaids. The best part of all is that every one can be personalized at no additional cost with either a monogram, initial, name or custom lines.

Be sure to browse around our website for other great eco-friendly items including favors, gifts and accessories. We encourage everyone to do their part to help the environment! Remember, the smallest effort can make a difference.

TGIF! Have a great weekend, everyone!

- Kelsey

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What Would Your Wedding Song Be?

Aug 2, 2010

The other day one of us decided to ask, “What would your wedding song be?”  This question seemed to spark quite a conversation.  As mentioned in the last update, Alecia & Kristi are newly engaged.  So for them, this question called for a serious decision.  Alecia decided on Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls.  She and Marten thought it perfect when they first heard it.  Kristi’s choice was The Day Before You by Rascall Flatts.  Finally, (although I’m not getting married any time soon) mine was Somewhere Over the Rainbow sung by Jason Castro.  Or perhaps, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (I have a thing for acoustics).  Here at our office, we are always singing along to something (our artist of choice at the moment, and for the past two years is Lady Gaga).  We even have a toy microphone that really has a speaker in it!  Alecia and I are constantly being made fun of for singing loudly when we hear a good song, and I am always making plans to go sing karaoke.  Who doesn’t love music?  We all have that song we play when we’re in a good mood, an angry mood, or a sad mood.  That’s why music themed wedding favors are such a great choice:  because they’re universal.

“If music be the food of love, then play on.”

Quoted by the one and only Shakespeare, and featured not only on the wall of Erica, owner of Little Things’ home, but also in the description of our brand new “Love Songs” Silver-Finish Music Note Place Card Holders.  The set of four easily coordinates with any event and the quality is fabulous.  These are an absolutely adorable choice for any music themed event.  Even though they’re a new arrival, the sales for them have been booming.  For a more rock and roll vibe, these designs are featured only at Little Things – our Exclusive Love Bird Design is available printed on items such as drink mixes and chocolates.  Designed by Erica and musically inspired, these favors are one of a kind.  You won’t find them anywhere else!

Other great and fun ideas for your music themed wedding can include karaoke at your reception.  Have your DJ play classic sing-a-long songs that will really get your guests excited to sing to.  You might even want to consider purchasing a Dance Floor Decal if your guests are going to be moving to the music!  Another fun idea is to hand out CD’s with great love songs on it, including your wedding song.  Finally, this Flower of Love in Romantic Red Wedding Collection is the ideal pick for your wedding accessories.  The backdrop of the roses is intricately detailed with tiny music notes.

Our Music Inspired Favors Section is loaded with more fun favors to choose from.  So, what would your wedding song be?

Most of us here are finally recovering from being sick last week.  I hope the rest of you are feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed!  If you’re having a case of the Monday blues, try listening to your favorite song.  :)

Lots and lots of love – Kelsey

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New Beginnings for Little Things Employees!

Jul 15, 2010

Congratulations to two of our employees here at our Little Things Favors office in Sayreville, NJ!  Just recently have Alecia and Marten, and Kristi and Steve announced that they are getting married!  Alecia, our office manager, announced her engagement to Marten on June 14th.  We were so excited to hear the news, and were even more excited when we saw the ring!  Alecia’s ring has a very vintage look to it, which was exactly what she wanted.  The diamond is low set with intricate detailing on the profile.  The design of the ring is actually called Tulip.  Prior to the proposal, Alecia had really wanted an engagement party, and even a reception featuring a damask theme.  Since the ladies here are in her bridal party, we couldn’t stop talking about black and white wedding favors, and lots of diamonds and sparkles.  But now as she looks at eligible venues for both the engagement party and reception, her ideas are taking a sharp turn.  She’s found gorgeous pumpkin patches and farm fields with indoor and outdoor reception areas that give a cozy and comforting feel.  So now she seems to be veering more towards a fall theme, at least for her engagement party now.  She’s 100% certain about hosting her engagement party as a brunch.  So now it’s talk of chocolate browns, golden oranges and deep coppers.  And since it’s a favorite here at the office, of course she’ll be displaying Pumpkin Design Brownies on her tables!  Yum!  Although the rest of us girls loved the idea of a damask themed wedding, it’s her big day.  But we still get to plan the bachelorette party!

Now it’s Kristi’s turn in the spotlight:  Steve just proposed to her on Thursday, July 8th.  We didn’t just hear about it – we all witnessed it!  Steve surprised her at work and proposed to her right on the sidewalk outside of our showroom.  The rest of us were peeking out the door, and couldn’t stop clapping (and some of us even crying) for the two of them!  Kristi was so surprised, however I can’t say the same for all of us…Steve had consulted Erica a month ago!  He then swept Kristi right out the door for a long weekend down the shore.  Kristi’s engagement ring is more high set, and there is no better word to describe it than sparkly!  I personally think that the ring almost looks like a flower, and has a very classic look.  Since they’ve only been engaged for exactly a week now, they haven’t planned much so far.  But we do know that Kristi favors the color eggplant, which seems to be trending this wedding season.  She also likes the idea of a “Sculpture Garden” theme, which could easily feature numerous favors from our Eco-Friendly Section. Congratulations to both of you!  We can’t wait for the weddings—it’s a race to the altar!

Also, warm welcomes to our new customer service representative in training, Darlene!  We’re more than happy to have yet another friend and employee here at Little Things.

Hope everyone is having a great week, but it’s almost Friday!  Hang in there!  <3 Kelsey

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All About Wedding Cake: Ideas, Cake Servers & Cake Toppers

Jun 8, 2010

It seems that every time you go to a wedding, at some point in the evening you’ll hear someone ask, “have you seen the cake?”  Your guests will usually rave over the grandeur of the cake, or its lack of.  The truth is, a wedding cake is not only your dessert, but a tradition during any wedding reception.

This tradition actually dates back to the Roman Empire, when a loaf of bread was used and broken over the bride’s head by the groom, symbolizing his dominance over her.  Today loaves of bread have evolved to extravagant works of art–cakes so realistic looking and fancy that you might feel just a little bit guilty eating it because it’s just so pretty!  And of course, the groom doesn’t smash the cake on the bride.  Traditionally, wedding cakes are white to symbolize purity, but nowadays brides have their cakes decorated to match their color scheme or theme to the T.  Some brides don’t even go with classic tiered cakes–cupcakes are also becoming more popular, and look great displayed on structured tiered stands.  There are other brides who don’t even go with any type of cake at all, because they just don’t like cake or dare to be different.  So as an alternative, you can always go with  something a little out of the ordinary and more fun:  try mousse or puddings in wine glasses, topped with whipped cream, berries, or even chocolate shavings if you want to get fancy!  Chocolate fountains are also becoming more and more popular.  Display it on a table and have an array of food laid out for fun dipping.  Use fruit, marshmallows, rice krispies, pretzels, or graham crackers.  And it’s okay to be lazy, so if you’d rather just have a unique tasty treat for your guests to grab and go, our brownies, rice krispies, and gourmet cookies are not only delicious, but beautifully decorated, too!

If you decide to stay traditional and go with a normal wedding cake, you can’t forget the joint task of cutting the cake.  This minor task is actually very ceremonial:  the bride and the groom are supposed to hold onto each other’s hands while cutting the first piece.  This tradition symbolizes the first task that the husband and wife do together in their life as a married couple.  We have the most elegant and beautiful selection of cake servers to choose from, whether you want them to match your theme or personalize them as a memoir of your special day.

Finally, the fun part:  cake toppers are definitely one of the most trending and popular items currently available in the wedding industry.  The selection is huge, too–choose from simple, monogram lettering or a couple playing your favorite sport.  This tradition began in America during the 1950s, where the toppers were used to represent the togetherness of the bride and groom.  With all of the choices of wedding cake toppers, you’re sure to find something that suits you!

Don’t forget, you’ll need wedding favors and accessories to use in your wedding!

Lots of Love <3 Kelsey

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Love Life @ Little Things

May 11, 2010

Even if it’s a crazy Monday here in our office/showroom, with the phones ringing off the hook, a full inbox and customers walking in to top, we always seem to find the time to chitchat.  Actually, the ladies and I rarely ever shut up!  Random conversations can range from anything common, such as music, to something completely out of the ordinary, like Kristi’s strange fear of spines.  We also tend to constantly poke fun at each other and crack jokes so funny that we’ll be doubling over in hysterics.  Usually, though, we update each other on what’s going on in our lives:  what we’re doing this weekend, what we really want to buy, or the snarky confrontation with the woman at the post office.   Oh, and we usually talk about our boyfriends, whether it be why we fought, the sweet things they do for us, or the gross habits they have.  So sorry, gentlemen, but every lady employed at Little Things is currently off the market.

Out of my obsession with love and all things such, I had a spontaneous streak of inspiration one day while we were all talking about our significant others.  So why not pay a little homage to everyone and their beau?  Since our work environment here is so small and intimate, it’s really simple to touch on everyone’s lives.  Say hello to the couples here at Little Things!

Erica & Chris

These are the two that make it all happen:  Erica and Chris are the owners and founders of Little Things.  Right now they are the only couple in the office that is actually married, which happened way back in August of 2003.  Our NJ showroom even features pictures from their wedding on the walls, elegantly framed in our Signature Guest Book Mats.  The two even dressed up together for Halloween, with Erica as a bride and Chris as the priest marrying her off!  They also have a son, Gabriel and three dogs, perfecting their family image.  The two are usually in the showroom with each other every Saturday, helping other couples to plan their weddings for a marriage just as happy as theirs!

Alecia & Marten
You can ask anyone here in the office:  even though it’s only been a little over a year, it feels as if these two have been together forever.  Alecia and Marten met at his work place, and at first it only seemed like a harmless flirtation.  But now the two are practically inseparable–they just moved in together!  Even though they’re not officially engaged yet, we’re all practically on the edge of our seats waiting for Marten to propose.  And we couldn’t be more happy for them…or more excited to begin planning the wedding (and the bachelorette party)!  Don’t worry, once it happens I’ll be writing a congratulatory blog article in honor of the two, along with all the great details after the wedding!

Kristi & Steven

Besides Chris and Erica, Kristi and Steve have been together for the longest.  They’re only two months away from their 5 year anniversary!  Even though Kristi’s been working here for exactly 4 months today, I still haven’t met Steve!  Although I have seen pictures of them together, and I have to say the two really do compliment each other.  And the first time Alecia met him, she said, “they really seem like they’re meant to be together.”  Like Alecia and Marten, these two are practically engaged to be engaged.  They’ve even known each other since high school (but I can’t write they were high school sweethearts, even though that would add on to their cute-ness.  They didn’t get together until years after).  So we’ll see who beats the other to the proposal.  It’ll be a race to the alter!

Kelsey and Richard
Rich and I are the newest couple here at Little Things–we’ve only officially been together for three months.  Today is exactly three months since he wanted to call me his girlfriend, actually.  As much as I adore him now, when we first met neither of us though that we were going to get together, but the best things always seem to be the ones that aren’t planned.  We couldn’t be happier now though, and we’re actually planning our Vegas getaway to get married in June…just kidding.  Alecia and Kristi call us “smitten,” and will make fun of me when I’m wearing a “cat that ate the canary” grin, though we all say that to each other when we’re wearing a stupidly happy smile.  But I just can’t help it, he is quite the charmer and is always making me laugh.  He’s a really great cook too, which with him, I discovered, is the way to my heart.

So that’s everyone’s love life here at the Little Things Office.  Except for Ben…who is currently single and ready to mingle, ladies!  Our very own “prince charming” is sure to be exactly that and make you swoon.  We’re not really ever sure about his love life though, because he’s such a lady’s man.  It would be much too hard to keep up with!  But of course all us girls here are his main squeezes; he’ll never love any girl the way he loves us!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!  <3 Kelsey

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How NOT to Be a Bridezilla: 9 Helpful Tips

May 8, 2010

We’ve all seen the show, and when watching it most women might say, “I’d never act like that.”  Bossy, picky, moody, with loud, angry outbursts and everything being the bride’s way.  And why shouldn’t it be?  It’s their special day.  But there’s a big difference between being a bride and a bridezilla.  You want everything to be perfect, yes, but by becoming a demanding and over controlling woman, you tend to get on everyone’s nerves in the bridal party – as well as whoever else is helping with the wedding, and possibly even your fiancé.  So here’s some tips to avoid becoming a fire-breathing dragon, and remaining a cool, calm and collected bride-to-be.

1.  Even though this is your big day, you are not the center of the universe.  The people that are helping you also have their own lives, and not every minute of their time is going to revolve around assisting you in picking out just that right shade of lipstick, or arranging your 50 intricate centerpieces.  You have to promise yourself that you won’t become a bridezilla before promising everyone else.

2.  Prior to planning the wedding:  give your bridal party, family and fiancé permission to tell you when you’re acting over the top.  Then, actually listen to them when they tell you.

3.  Breathe.  It’s only one day of your life, and you’re planning it to be happy!  Not to lose your mind.  And yes, it only lasts one day.  Your family and friends, however, are there forever and you don’t want to push them away.

4.  Don’t act like you can handle everything.  You can’t.  Embrace everyone’s helpful offers. But don’t take advantage of them, either.  All good things in moderation.

5.  Yes, the little things do count, but you can settle for normal M&M’s rather than the ones with your picture on them that you waited too long to order.  You’ll end up giving yourself a coronary about something petty, like the fact that the marble accents in the floor of your reception hall don’t match your color scheme.

6.  De-stress.  Try boxing or hitting the gym hard to take out some anger when you want to wring your mother-in-law’s throat, or if the wedding favors you want are out of stock.  Even if you’re keeping your cool, but the stress is bottled up on the inside, you have to let it out!  Take a yoga class, get a massage, or go out for a drink with your girlfriends.

7.  Ask your fiancé for help…even if you don’t want him to.  Regardless if he says he doesn’t want to be involved with the planning, he might just be saying that to avoid doing something, and only displeasing you in the end.  He’s the last person you want to push away at this time.  If he really assures you that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything, hey, nothing lost, nothing gained.

8.  Stay practical.  You can’t ride in on an elephant with fireworks going off and doves released upon your entrance.  Or not all of it, anyway.  Not everything is going to be 100% perfect, so you have to accept that things will go wrong.  You can at least try your best to fix or change it.

9.  Try not to talk about the wedding plans after a certain time.  This also goes for thinking about the wedding plans too!  By doing this, you’re able to still have “you” time.  This also applies to your fiancé, family and friends.  You’ll also probably stay more sane by not thinking about it 24/7.

Hope this article gave everyone a little laugh.  Enjoy your weekend!  <3 Kelsey

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“Will You Marry Me?”: 5 Great Proposal Ideas

May 5, 2010

So, it’s time to pop the question?  Well, gentlemen, we know what you’re going through.  You’re asking yourself a million and one questions – How do I ask her?  When do I ask her?  Where do I ask her?  Some guys worry that their ideas are a little too over the top, where others may think they’re being just a bit too boring.  Here are five great ways to propose perfectly.  Don’t forget to shop for  wedding favors while planning your wedding!

1.  Popular among celebrities, but only if you have an extra buck or two in your pocket:  Have a plane sky-write your proposal.  It’s costly, but you can really surprise her by just asking her to take a walk where she can see it.  You also have to remember that the weather forecast isn’t always set in stone.  On the bright side, you won’t have to worry about stuttering or accidentally sneezing in the middle of asking her.

2.   A classic idea for the sports fanatics is to propose on the big screen at a sports game.  Years back this may have been unique, but nowadays it seems so many people do it that it’s unoriginal.  You also have to remember that if you get rejected, it’s in front of thousands of people.

3.  It seems that beach weddings are becoming more and more popular, and here at Little Things we’ve noticed that our Personalized Tiger Clam Trinket Box has been cleverly engraved with “Will You Marry Me?” and used as ring boxes to propose on more than one occasion.  We couldn’t think it to be more adorable when men call us up excited and nervous to use this idea to propose.  Aw!

4.  Couples who eat Chinese food regularly out also seem to think of ways to incorporate a proposal on a night out at their favorite restaurant.  If you’re able to actually remove the fortune from inside a real cookie and stick another one in that says “Will You Marry Me?”, or just have a cookie custom made, then go for it!  For a great alternative idea, our Personalized Silver Plated Fortune Cookie Box can be engraved with the words as well, or you can even scribble it on the blank fortune paper that comes inside of it.

5.  Finally, for the ever traditional man, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your love to the first place you met, or where you had your first date to propose.  By doing this you’re assured that your proposal will be meaningful and memorable.  Of course there are a million different ways to propose, but only you will know what works best for you and what will be appreciated by your significant other.  Good luck and best wishes!

With Love <3 Kelsey

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